VOLUME 13, ISSUE 7 • February 16, 2017

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


The balmy weather returns, and spring is hot on its heels. We have a fun and informative e-gardens this week. (Of course, I think they all are!) Let's get it all underway.

In this issue…
• Why I don't recommend weed-and-feed fertilizers;
• Has the pre-emergent date shifted?
• Fabulous forsythias;
• Gardening This Weekend; and
• Steven Chamblee and his cats find beauty in the late-winter wildscape.

So, in honor of the start of baseball spring training, that's the wind-up. Now here's the pitch.

Let's get it all underway!

Photo: Reseeding larkspur adds uncommon colors (shades of blue) to the spring garden.


Gardening This Weekend

Mid-February is like a hinge on a door. A lot pivots on it. It marks the psychological beginning of the growing season and the turn from late winter into very early spring. I have the critical tasks of this time.

Photo: Annual reseeding larkspurs can be transplanted if you do so now.


Native Son: The Awakening

My buddy Steven Chamblee of Chandor Gardens in Weatherford muses over the late-winter prairie behind his house. Fun read!

Photo: Standing Cypress in winter.


A Personal Favorite: Forsythia

It's confessional time here at e-gardens. I love forsythias and wish more people would try them. Their bloom time is quickly approaching, so maybe this is your year to include one. I'll share my own details.

Photo: Forsythia blooming in the Sperry home landscape (2016).


Question of the Week 1: February 16, 2017

"Neil, why do you never recommend weed-and-feed products?”

Because there are much better ways to make your lawn better. Let me explain!

Photo: This lawn might be considered as a candidate for a "weed-and-feed" product.


Question of the Week 2: February 16, 2017

"Neil, has all this warm weather changed your recommended date for applying pre-emergent weedkiller?"

I don't believe I've ever been asked any question more times in one week than this one this week.

Photo: The time is here to prevent grassburs for much of Texas.


And, in closing…

I hope you've enjoyed this week's e-gardens and I hope you'll tell all your friends about it. Click here to refer it along.

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Until next week, thanks for reading and happy gardening!