VOLUME 13, ISSUE 10 • March 9, 2017

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


This weather's getting a whole lot better. Gardening is moving into its most exciting time of the year, and this edition of e-gardens should prove to be really useful.

• Gorgeous geraniums;
• Getting the best shade trees;
• Gardening activities this weekend;
• Why wisterias don't bloom;
• What to do with a split Bradford pear.

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Just about last call for application of pre-emergent granules Dimension, Team or Halts to prevent germination of crabgrass, grassburs. (We’ve covered this in past several weeks’ e-gardens.)

Daylight Saving Time starts this Sunday. Do whatcha gotta do.

And now on to this week's e-gardens.

Photo: Nothing says “springtime” better than cheerful geraniums.


Plant of the Week: Gorgeous Geraniums

Looking for a spot of brilliant color? A pot by the door or a planter on the patio? Give geraniums a try. Nursery benches are filled with them, so spring spruce-ups are only moments away.

Photo: Geraniums mark beginning of spring. (Photo taken at Calloways.)


Gardening This Weekend

This is our most viewed part of e-gardens, so I spend extra time making sure I outline all the things you'll want to be doing the following Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I have your list for this weekend.

Photo: Tomato transplants have arrived in Texas nurseries.


Tree-mendous Time Across Texas

Looking for a new shade tree? Nurseries have outstanding selections, but you need to think through the options to be sure you're getting the best. I have details.

Photo: Eager to plant a new tree? Better read through our guidelines.


Question of the Week 1: March 9, 2017

"Neil, my lovely Bradford pear has just split down the middle. How can I save it? How should I prune it?"

This is a critical topic relating to our most popular spring-flowering tree. Don't miss the answer.

Photo: A pear that split about 10 months ago.


Question of the Week 2: March 9, 2017

"Neil, why won't my wisteria bloom?"

Hands down, when people start talking about vines, that's the question I'm asked most often. I'll try to answer it for you.

Photo: Oh, if only all wisterias could bloom this well.


And, in closing…

That's it for e-gardens. If you enjoyed it, please tell your friends. If you didn't, please tell your dog.

We'll reappear digitally and magically at this same time next week with your next edition.

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Oh, one more invitation: Due to recurring vertigo I have only a couple of book signings scheduled this spring. One is two weeks away. March 25 as part of the big Ellis County Master Gardeners Expo at the Waxahachie Convention Center, US 287 at I-35E. I'll sign books at 11 and speak just a little bit later - details here next week.

Over and out with hugs and handshakes!

Happy gardening!