VOLUME 13, ISSUE 12 • March 23, 2017

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


Sweet, wonderful spring. Hope you've been able to get out and enjoy it.

Come see me this Saturday at the Ellis County Master Gardener Expo at the Waxahachie Convention Center. I'll be selling and signing books (newest one and old ones as well) at 11 and speaking at 1:30.

This e-gardens covers critical topics:
• Success with tomatoes;
• Japanese maples;
• Understanding fertilizers;
• Crape myrtle scale/mold; and
• Gardening this weekend.

Let's get it all started. Hope you enjoy it!

Photo: Angelonias look as pretty as their name sounds!


Success With Tomatoes

They're the most popular vegetables in Texas gardens, yet tomatoes cause lots of angst. They're not difficult if you follow a few guidelines. I'll list them for you.

Photo: It's tomato-planting time across most of Texas this weekend.


Gardening This Weekend

How good can Texas get! It's been a great week to be a gardener, yet there's still more to be done. I've put together a list of what I consider the most critical issues. Use it as your starting point for this weekend.

Photo: Angelonia 'Serena Purple'


Plant of the Week: Japanese Maples

Lynn and I have been married almost 50 years. No plants that I've bought have so pleased her over that time as our Japanese maples. I thought I'd share them with you here today. They're hitting full stride for another year.

Photo: New spring growth on one of our 20 Japanese maples.


Question of the Week: March 23, 2017

"Neil, what caused this black mold on my crape myrtle, and how can I eliminate it?"

The black mold is secondary. There's an in-between step that's really the culprit. I have the details.

Photo posted to my Facebook page last weekend.


Fertilizer Facts to Follow

Every plant that you grow will benefit from the addition of fertilizers through its season of growth. To make your selection easier, here are the critical facts on plant foods.

Photo: Feeding time has finally arrived here in Texas!


And, in closing…

Time to turn out the lights. You've come to the end. But we'll be back next week with another exciting episode of e-gardens.

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Meantime, tune in my podcasts or programs, join me on Facebook or come into our website. And I'll see you at church this coming Sunday.

Until then, happy gardening!