VOLUME 13, ISSUE 13 • March 30, 2017

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


Welcome to the end-of-March edition of e-gardens. We are right in the big middle of springtime. Fun things in store for you:

• Solomon's Seal - our featured plant;
• Gardening This Weekend - prime tasks;
• Staking a New Tree; and
• Two questions that seem to be on everyone's lips.

We took delivery on more of my books. I over-estimated our storage space, and our dining room is now full of them. Lynn says they need to go. (This sounds like a car ad.)

Until we get use of our dining room back (for Easter dinner), I'm putting my newest book Neil Sperry's Lone Star Gardening on sale. Reg. $31.95, now $29.95. (Both prices, plus tax and postage) The book is not in stores and it's not on Amazon. I self-published it, and it's totally different from the cowboy boot book last published in 1991. I sign every book. Satisfaction is guaranteed. But don't delay. This is for a limited time only. Order it here or by calling my office weekdays 8:30-5:30 at (800) 752-4769. Great for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, but buy now!

Photo: I've been growing coleus for 60-plus years. What a great plant for color, and new sun-tolerant types make it all the more exciting.


Plant of the Week: Solomon's Seal

I fall in love with some plants the first time that I see them. This is one of those plants. Lucky for me, it's also one that grows well in my garden. I'll tell you about it.

Photo: Solomon's seal grows in the Sperry entryway garden.


Gardening This Weekend

How long is the list you've already made for yourself: gardening things you need to get done? Well, it's your old pal Neil here to add a few more. I have some really critical tasks planned for you.

Photo: Coleus plants come in exciting colors, and many new types handle more sun.


Staking A New Tree

It gets pretty windy in Texas in springtime. (Remember Tuesday night/Wednesday morning?) New trees must be secured to keep them plumb. I’ll show you how.

Photo: All trees, large and small, need to be staked for 1-3 years after planting.


Question of the Week 1: March 30, 2017

"Neil, my junipers and Italian cypress plants are dying. What is causing it and how can I stop it?"

This is critical, and time is of the essence. I have the answer.

Photo: Italian cypress is loaded with a potentially fatal problem.


Question of the Week 2: March 30, 2017

"Neil, what are these caterpillars, and will they kill my tree?"

Take a breath. I have an answer that I believe will relieve some of your angst.

Photo: Forest tent caterpillars on tree trunk


And, in closing…

No mas. That's it. The end of another exciting e-gardens episode. But there will be more starting exactly 168 hours from now. Count 'em down and you'll find us waiting at the other end.

If you like e-gardens, please tell thousands of people. If you don't, well maybe just keep it a secret.

Until next week, join me on Facebook, on the radio or through podcasts of my radio programs, in my newspaper columns, in nurseries, in church or at Taekwondo (where I'm a spectator).

I'm proud to have you as a reader!

Happy gardening!