VOLUME 13, ISSUE 15 • April 13, 2017

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


We're sending e-gardens out one day early for all who are traveling or trying to spruce things up before guests come for Easter.

In this issue…
I have important information for you this week:
• Gardening This Weekend (critical tasks of mid-April);
• "Thick" and "dense" are good when it comes to lawns;
• Easter lily success;
• Show-stopping sedums; and
• Why fruit and pecans fail to bear fruit.

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And on to e-gardens...
That's it. Time to produce! Here's e-gardens for your enjoyment.

Photo: ‘Lemon Coral’ sedum is a popular “filler” plant for patio pots.


Happy Easter Lilies

The flower of the season has a reputation with gardeners and growers: it's not an easy plant. I'll explain why, and I'll tell you how to enjoy yours to the fullest.

Photo: Lovely Easter lily bloom imparts beauty and peace.


Show-Stopping Sedums

Are they groundcovers? Plants for patio pots? Fillers between stones? Succulent plants for greenhouse collections? "Yes" to them all. Sedums are some of my all-time favorite plants, and I'd like to enthuse you to try them.

Photo: Sedums at Blue Moon Gardens in Chandler (east of Edom).


Gardening This Weekend

Mid-April is pretty much mid-spring. It's a pivotal time in the life of a successful gardener. I've outlined the critical tasks for right now.

Photo: White clover is a perennial invader in much of our state.


Question of the Week 1: April 13, 2017

"Neil, how can I get my lawn to thicken up and be beautiful this year?

That boils down to fertilizer, water, weed control and mowing. I have suggestions.

Photo: Want your lawn to look full and lush? I may have some tips.


Question(s) of the Week 2: April 13, 2017

I was covered up this past weekend with fruit questions on my radio program: Callers wondered why their fruit and pecan trees didn't bloom or produce fruit. Four in a row, all with different answers - I have them here.

Photo: Pomegranate "Pleniflora' produces beautiful blooms, but no fruit.


And, in closing…

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If you are of the Christian faith, I wish you a happy, safe, family-oriented and church-centered Easter weekend. As a member of First United Methodist Church near Downtown McKinney, I invite you to join our family. Best sermons you'll ever hear. Fabulous music, friendly people and good-looking ushers.

Happy Easter, everyone! To our Jewish friends, Happy Passover!

And Happy gardening!