VOLUME 13, ISSUE 19 • May 11, 2017

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


It's a great time of year. Long evenings. Mostly great weather. Beautiful yards and landscapes. Let's talk gardening!

In this issue…
• Hydrangeas - the Mother's Day flower;
• Tomato tips to success;
• Care for your patio pots;
• Questions of the Week (three of them!);
• Ever-popular "Gardening This Weekend."

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Photo: Hydrangeas are fabulous, and this is their time!


Hydrangeas for Mom's Day

They're one of the most popular gifts for Mother's Day, yet growing hydrangeas isn't always easy. If you get or give one, I may have suggestions that could help you succeed.

Photo: Luscious hydrangeas put on quite a show.


Tomato Tips for the Time

By now your plants should be flowering and setting fruit. But that doesn't always work the way we expect. I have suggestions to help you get better results.

Photo: It's almost Tomato Time across Texas!


Care Tips for Patio Pots, Hanging Baskets

They're critical pieces to our home landscaping puzzles. Decorative pots and baskets hanging from eaves or tree limbs - they're all part of the ways we brighten our gardens in summer. I have care tips to ensure your success.

Photo: A grand selection of glazed ceramic pots awaits customers of Shades of Green Nursery in Frisco.


Questions of the Week: May 11, 2017

Yep! Plural. I have three questions that have kept coming up week in and week out. I'll address all three here, so you'd better click through.

Photo: Have something that looks like one of these? I have the facts in my answers.


Gardening This Weekend

In case you're new to e-gardens, this is our most-read part of the newsletter. It's where I list the most critical tasks for the upcoming weekend. People tell me it's extremely useful. Hope you agree!

Photo: Bougainvilleas can be planted into patio pots and baskets now.


And, in closing…

I'll keep this short. I've had my second cataract surgery two days ago, and I've tried to stick to the critical topics this time around.

If you've enjoyed e-gardens, please let others know. If you haven't, please keep it a secret.

Get into your favorite garden center soon. There are fabulous plants, great plant experts and possibly some great sales as well.

I'll see you on Facebook, in my newspaper columns, on the radio and via my podcasts. Or in church on Mother's Day. And for sure right back here next week.

If it's appropriate, Happy Mother's Day.
Happy Gardening!