VOLUME 13, ISSUE 29 • July 20, 2017

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


Good golly, it's really summer! I've spent more time outside this week than I have in the past month or so, and I stand as witness. Evenings are a delightful time to tend to your plants. (Wear sunscreen and insect repellent anytime you're outdoors.)

Topics I bring to e-gardens this week…
• Gardening This Weekend (priorities of late July)
• Five of my favorite plants for colorful foliage;
• Spider mites: diminutive and damaging;
• Water conservation: after all, we're in Texas; and
• Steven had a bad day, and you’ll feel guilty about chuckling.

So turn on the fan, sit back and enjoy this week's e-gardens.

Photo: Variegated tapioca is colorful and easy.


Fantastic Foliage

If you start naming off plants with colorful leaves you'll soon have quite a list. I've brought five of my favorites in for consideration. Hope you enjoy them!

Photo: Copper plants and I go back a long ways.


Native Son

Steven had his day all planned, but like most of us mere mortals, his plans blew out the window. Promise not to laugh as you read what our poor buddy went through.

Photo: My dear friend Steven Chamblee.


Gardening This Weekend

You need to keep a close eye on your landscape and garden plants this time of year. I've made a list of the most critical tasks of the middle of summer.

Photo: Mallows (hardy hibiscus) are in bloom right now. Nurseries should have them available.


Question of the Week: July 20, 2017

"Neil, what is this that's covering my plant? This webbing showed up really rapidly."

Many people don't know this extremely serious pest, even when the outbreak is this serious. I have details.

Photo: It's Spider-Man in the theaters, but spider mites in the garden.


Water Conservation Tips for Texas

Parts of our state have received abundant rainfall, but the next drought could be starting right now. Let's look at ways we can save Texas' most valuable natural resource. I've assembled a list.

Photo: Every drop of water counts double in Texas. We gardeners must pitch in to conserve.


And in closing…

That's e-gardens for this week, but there will be another week and there will be another e-gardens. Thanks for reading. I hope you'll let others know about us.

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Thanks for reading, and until next week…

Happy gardening!



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