VOLUME 13, ISSUE 33 • August 17, 2017

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


We're going to take a serious look into early fall in this week's e-gardens. I'm also going to show you what a horticulturist does when he's forced to wait on his wife as she shops for shoes. Here's the full list:

• Bromeliads at NorthPark Center;
• When the soils are too soggy;
• This week's timely tips;
• Why red oaks turn black and leak sap; and
• First call for pre-emergents for winter weeds.

All that for free! You can't beat the deal!

I'm biased, but I think it's great…
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Enough of the pleasantries. It's time for me to get down to work. Here is e-gardens!

Photo: Pineapples in full fruit at NorthPark Center last week.



Bedazzling Bromeliads

My wife and I were in NorthPark Center for a few hours last week, and the massed plantings of bromeliads were nothing short of spectacular. I'm sharing a few of them with you here in the hopes that you'll enjoy them.

Photo: One of many colorful types of bromeliads on display at NorthPark right now.


Coping With a Soggy Garden

As I type this at 8 a.m. - only 10 hours before you'll get e-gardens in your e-mail box tonight, we've just had another 1.6 inches of rain. At some point, almost every spot in Texas has to face a time of ongoing rains. I have tips to help you get through them.

Photo: The soggy Sperry gardens as they appeared at 8 a.m. today.


Gardening This Weekend

It may just seem like another late-summer weekend, but there are critical tasks you need to get done right away. I've hand-chosen the ones that matter the most.

Photo: Plant St. Augustine as soon as possible to give it extra time to establish its roots before winter.


Question of the Week: August 17, 2017

"Neil, My young red oak tree is going downhill rapidly. Its leaves are turning brown and crisp. Can it be saved?"

I'm getting this question several times weekly. People think I'm intuitive in my answer.

Photo: Shumard red oak may not survive.


Fall Pre-emergent Time is Nearing

FIRST NOTICE regarding the application of pre-emergent weedkiller granules to prevent germination of winter weeds. Treatment must be made the last week of August or the first week of September. Click for critical details.

Photo: Prevent chickweed soon.


And in closing…

No mas. That's it. The end of another riveting e-gardens. But we'll be back with more, same time next week. Question is, will you be back, too, and will you tell a friend about us as well?

Until then, join me on my website, on the radio, on Facebook, via my podcasts, or at church this coming Sunday.

Thanks for reading, and

Happy gardening!


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