VOLUME 13, ISSUE 34 • August 24, 2017

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


As I finalize e-gardens for distribution in a couple of hours (Thursday, August 24, 6 p.m.), Texas is bracing for storm Harvey of potentially terrible proportions. Prayers and well wishes to all our fellow Texans. Please protect yourself and your loved ones and know that we stand alongside you.

It seems rather awkward, but from this point on I'll handle e-gardens as usual.

• Gardening tasks for this weekend (including pre-emergent);
• Spider lilies poised to bloom;
• Vary your mowing patterns;
• Question of the week - mushrooms; and
• Steven Chamblee: His best work for us ever! You’re going to love this like no other.

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And on we go into e-gardens. Hope you enjoy it!

Photo: Spider lilies are about to explode with their annual fall color.



Spider Lily Time is Near

It won't be long until spider lilies put on their annual early fall show. If you have them, you know to be watching. If you don't, this is the time to buy and plant them. I have the details.

Photo: Spider lilies are long proven southern favorites.


Native Son

Playing the part of Hemlock Holmes, Steven solves the ultimate myrtle mystery. THIS is the story to share with your friends!

Photo: Steven’s 3 a.m. selfie. To his wife Patti: You might want to keep an eye on him.


Gardening This Weekend

This is an especially timely part of the year. Many tasks must be completed very soon. Others, like application of fall pre-emergent weedkillers, are basically here now. I've made the list. Check it out to see what's in store for your weekend!

Photo: Annual bluegrass (Poa annua) wins 'Worst Weed of Winter' contest.


Question of the Week: August 24, 2017

"Neil, how come we have so many mushrooms all of a sudden after the rains last week? Are they harmful? If so, how do I get rid of them?"

This question has been springing up again. I have your answer.

Photo: Posted by Jenny M. to my Facebook page a few days ago.


Vary Mowing Patterns

Several weeks ago a Facebook friend posted a photo showing his lawn and asking how he could improve its looks. I have a trick I rarely see people using. I recommended it to him, and I think you'll want to see his results.

Photo: This is what his lawn looked like at the outset - why he originally wrote me.


And in closing…

That's it for another e-gardens. I'm hoping you found it useful. If so, please let others know about it. Your recommendations are our best advertising.

Until next time, check in on our podcasts, my radio programs, my newspaper columns, our website and my page on Facebook. See you in church!

Until next week,

Happy gardening!


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