VOLUME 13, ISSUE 35 • August 31, 2017

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


I open this e-gardens with very great difficulty. Lynn and I were in College Station last weekend, and we witnessed the beginnings of the storm and its refugees. It's at a time like that that you realize how overwhelming such a storm can be.

I started several stories here that were to give my suggestions relating to recovery from the storm damage, but in each case I realized that I really have little to offer yet. Perhaps my time to help will come once the water drains away. I hope so.

In the meanwhile, I join the millions of others saying prayers, sending support and watching in awe as Texans help Texans. We are a wonderful state. We are a wonderful people.

This issue of e-gardens has five important stories for the rest of the state:

• Brugmansia – a glorious tropical;
• Last call for winter weed prevention;
• This weekend's prime tasks;
• What to do when a tree has a tilt; and
• I finally declare a good replacement for roses when virus overtakes them.

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Photo: Radishes are among the quickest and easiest of all Texas vegetables.



Beautiful Brugmansias

I love this plant, and I'm pretty fond of its cousin as well. I featured it on my Facebook page a few days ago and 20,000 people looked in on it. I mentioned that I'd have more details here. So that's what I've brought you today.

Photo: Variety 'Cherub' blooms in abundance.


Last Call for Pre-emergents for Winter Weeds

If you want to prevent annual bluegrass (Poa annua), rescuegrass, ryegrass and other winter grassy weeds (also cool-season broadleafed weeds) you must apply pre-emergent granules now.

Photo: Preventive granules for annual bluegrass must be applied immediately.


Gardening This Weekend

This is your last chance for many of your gardening activities this growing season. I'll list the critical ones, and we'll look toward the fall in today's outline. You need to check through it.

Photo: Plant radishes now for a quick harvest this fall.


Question of the Week: August 31, 2017

"Neil, my fairly new lacebark elm has developed a serious lean. How should I straighten it up?"

I have the answer, and it may not be what you'd expect.

Photo: Lacebark elm at a 45-degree angle.


Possible Replacements for Roses with RRV

If you live in or around DFW you know the agony of watching your roses succumb to rose rosette virus, the disease for which we have no prevention or cure (as of yet). I'm willing to declare replacement winners, at least for the time being.

Photo: See why I feel these might be the best option.


And in closing…

We've come to the end of another e-gardens. I've enjoyed preparing it for you, and I hope you've found it useful. If so, please share it with friends.

I'll be assembling more topics of prime interest for next week's edition. Until then, thanks for reading.

Have a safe Labor Day. Join me on my Facebook page, in the FAQ pages of my website, in my podcasts, on the radio, volunteering somewhere or at church this Sunday.

Note: You can call my statewide radio program Saturday 11-noon at (888) 256-1080 or my WBAP program Sunday 8-10 a.m. at (800) 288-9227. I’ll be on the air live.

Happy gardening!


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