VOLUME 13, ISSUE 40 • October 5, 2017

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


October it is, and that brings a new set of opportunities. And with cooler weather expected in just a few days. Hooray for that!

In this issue of e-gardens…
• Twigs falling from above;
• Wildflowers blooming along roadsides;
• St. Augustine's fall nemesis;
• The plants you should save; and
• Timely tips for this weekend.

I'd love to meet and greet you tomorrow, Friday, October 6, at Empowering Seniors at First Euless Campus West, 205 N. Industrial Blvd. in Bedford. They have a huge event planned from 9 until 2. Weatherman Troy Dungan will be there with me. All the details are at www.empoweringseniors.com. The event is free, but they do ask that you register so that they can be sure to have all the necessary supplies ready.

I'll be doing a book sale and signing at the event!
If you'd like a copy of my latest book Neil Sperry's Lone Star Gardening come on out. My wife will be alongside to help me, and I'll sign it for you. Only $31.95 plus tax.

Remember, this book is not in stores and it's not on Amazon. For those of you who have been asking when I'd be doing a book signing in person, this is your chance. If you have any of my previous books, bring them along, too.

In case you can’t get to the event tomorrow, you can order my book as always from my website or by calling my office at (800) 752-4769.

Photo: Showy red coleus is at its peak color for fall.



Plant of the Week: Maximilian Sunflower

Maximilian sunflowers have been in bloom across Texas the past couple of weeks. You may have seen them, so I thought I'd give them a shout-out so you might learn more about them.

Photo: Maximilian sunflowers blooming within a mile of our home.


Gardening This Weekend

Half of your success in gardening comes in doing the right things. The other half comes in doing them at the right time. I have this week's assignments. Do check them out!

Photo: Buy, plant grape hyacinth bulbs now for early spring bloom.


Which Plants to Save

Folks are constantly asking how to save prized plants from their gardens. Some of those plants really aren't worth the effort. Others most decidedly are. I'll offer my thoughts.

Photo: Big bed of beautiful coleus will die with first freeze.


Question of the Week: October 5, 2017

"Neil, what has nipped the little branches off my pecan trees recently? They look like they've been cut with a knife."

I have the answer.

Photo: Twigs from the Sperry garden this week!


Brown Patch Will Be Coming

Notice that future tense? I haven't seen brown patch yet, but it won't be long with cool, moist weather near at hand. Know what to watch for and step to your lawn's rescue at first signs. I'll give you details.

Photo: Severe outbreak of brown patch.


And in closing…

I'll sign off for now. It's time to pack the car for the book sale tomorrow - I hope you'll join me in Bedford. Or, as always, you're welcome to join me on my Facebook page, on the radio, through my podcasts or at my website. And always at church this Sunday.

Until next week, please let our advertisers know that you appreciate them.

Happy gardening!


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