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Upgrading the landscape this fall? Neil Sperry’s Lone Star Gardening will save you time and dollars. But you won’t find it in stores or on Amazon. Buy it here at a special price. Satisfaction 100 percent guaranteed!

Neil Sperry’s Lone Star Gardening was released only a few months ago, yet the reviews have been outstanding.

In one handy volume it combines the best of his “boot book,” all the information from his fact-packed posters and complete monthly outlines of when to plant, prune, fertilize and spray all the plants that you’re growing (information that used to be in his annual Texas gardening calendars).

All in a 344-page book that’s filled with 840 of Neil’s photos and more than 25 multi-page charts.

Neil has self-published this book, and the only ways you can buy it are here through his website and by calling his office during regular office hours at (800) 752-4769.

The book is normally $32.95 (much less than you would expect to pay for a book with this much information), but you can buy it today for only $28.95. ($7 tax and postage).

As with everything Neil sells, your satisfaction is completely guaranteed or Neil will refund every penny you have spent.

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