Question of the Week: January 2, 2020 – Number Two

“My daffodil bulbs have already sprouted and are growing. Is there anything I should be doing to slow them down? Or do I need to be worried?”

Daffodil bulbs in the Sperry home gardens as photographed just a couple of days ago.

This actually happens almost every year. It just seems magnified by this winter’s very warm weather in recent weeks. The good news is that until they actually come into bud and bloom sub-freezing temperatures won’t bother your daffodils. Just keep them watered during prolonged dry spells.

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Should it get really cold once they’re in bloom you can protect them with lightweight frost cloth draped over them. Support it with stakes and hoops so it doesn’t weight the flower stalks down. Otherwise, you are freed to worry about other things.

(Note: If it makes you feel any better, I walked through my landscape Sunday evening after the rains and every one of my daffodil varieties is up and growing already. I’m not the least bit concerned. They’ll all be just fine.)

Posted by Neil Sperry
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