VOLUME 13, ISSUE 46 • November 16, 2017

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


Welcome to e-gardens. I'll get right to the point. I've lined up a lot of good information this week, including:

• Cyclamen - bright colors for drab days;
• Tips for this weekend;
• Ginkgoes - my favorites for fall color;
• Question of the Week: Leaves on the lawn; and
• Postcards from Steven Chamblee's latest roadtrip.

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And now on to this week's e-gardens.

Photo: Maple and ginkgo contrast handsomely in Sperry home landscape.



Shooting Stars in the Garden

No longer just novelties, cyclamen have hit the big time. These cool-season bloomers put on quite a show. I have fun facts to share.

Photo: Frilly pink cyclamen represent best of breeders' work.


Native Son: Postcards from the Road

My buddy Steven Chamblee just returned from a long road trip to Deepest South Texas, and he's sent postcards back to his friends and relatives. You'll love 'em.

Photo: Nope. This isn't Brownsville. But it is Steven!


Grow for the Gold

We've been watching our two ginkgoes turn brilliant yellow these past couple of weeks, and it reminds me how much I love this great little tree. Let me share it with you.

Photo: 'Autumn Gold' ginkgo and 'Bloodgood' Japanese maple at the Sperry house.


Question of the Week: November 16, 2017

"Neil, will it protect my grass from winter's cold if I leave tree leaves in place over it?"

I'm asked this many times every autumn. My answer might surprise you.

Photo: Leaves pile up quickly this time of year.


Gardening This Weekend

Balmy weather abounds, and that gives you one last chance to finish up those fall gardening tasks. I've come up with a list of the ones I'd consider to be most important. Hopefully you'll have a few hours to devote to them. Click to see what I have.


And in closing…

That's it for another edition of e-gardens. If you enjoyed it, please tell our advertisers as well as your friends.

Next week's issue will be arriving a couple of days early, so be watching for it on Tuesday.

Until then, see you on my Facebook page, at my website, in the newspaper, and in church. And we can talk on the radio and via my podcasts.

Thanks for reading, and

Happy Gardening!


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