VOLUME 13, ISSUE 48 • November 30, 2017

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


So it's the first weekend of December. Gardening may not be your first thought, but there's still plenty to consider.

In this week's edition…
• Hardy Satsumas get a young Sperry excited;
• Save the bark, save the tree;
• Gardening activities this weekend;
• My favorite bricks and my story about them; and
• When you should prune oaks.

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Photo: This serene little lake in Groesbeck holds the key to my heart. Thanks to Brandi Garza, Photo Trappings of Mexia, for the photo. See my story on Groesbeck Reds for details.



Hardy Satsuma Is a Delight

Our 8-year-old grandson and I harvested the first of this year's 'Orange Frost' hardy Satsumas a couple of days ago. He was delighted, and you could be, too. I'll tell you about them.

Photo: Our 5-year-old tree will yield dozens of fruit again this year.


Gardening This Weekend

So it's the first weekend of December. What are a gardener's biggest responsibilities now? I've made a list, and you might want to click through to see what I've put on it.

Photo: Violas 'Sunshine 'n Wine' offer bright contrast.


Love Me Some Groesbeck Reds!

Parts of this story were on my Facebook page a few weeks ago. I love antique bricks. Of them all, Groesbeck Reds have a special place in my heart. I have more details.

Photo: This is our house, but wait 'til you hear where these bricks came from!


Question of the Week: November 30, 2017

"Neil, when is it OK to prune our live oak trees? I hear there are times when we shouldn't prune."

You're correct about needing to time your pruning. I'll explain the details.

Photo: Large live oak may need to be pruned. But when?


Protect Trunks from Human Invaders

Tree trunks are often quite lovely. We see that now more than at any other time of the year. But we do some really dreadful things to those trunks. I'll show you some of the worst.

Photo: Native old bois d'arc trunks are ruggedly handsome. (Sperry landscape)


And in closing…

That's it for this week's e-gardens. I hope you've enjoyed it, and I look forward to meeting up again same time, same computer next week.

In the meantime, tune me in on the radio, or check out my weekly columns in some 20 Texas newspapers. You can hear podcasts of my programs, and you can visit me on Facebook. My website is always there for you. But if you see me out with my family at church, in a nursery or having dinner somewhere, feel free to say "Hi." I'd love to meet you.

Until next week, thanks for reading, and happy gardening!


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