VOLUME 14, ISSUE 3 • January 18, 2018

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


When Lynn and I lived in northern Ohio, 40 miles south of Lake Erie in Plymouth, the kind of weather we've been having these past few weeks was par for our course. In fact, maybe this has been better than that average. But that's one reason we were glad to find ourselves in Texas instead. Enough of the cold weather already! It’s great that warmer times are right ahead!

I've chosen topics appropriate for late winter in Texas for this week's e-gardens.

In this issue…
• What to do with fireplace ashes;
• Fragrant plants of late winter;
• Garden tasks for late January;
• Likin' the lichens; and
• Something magical from Steven Chamblee.

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Photo: Violas and sweet alyssum fill the air with sweet perfumes.


Fragrances of the Winter

This isn't exactly a time when you think about flowering plants and fragrant blooms, but there are definitely some out there. I'll share a few here today.

Photo: Violas are among the sweet smells of cool weather.


Native Son: Atonement

Our buddy Steven Chamblee makes some serious amends and then moves on with his life.

Photo: Is that bug spray he’s choosing? Nope. Something for that great head of hair! (Caption by a jealous Neil Sperry – see his photo above.)


Gardening This Weekend

It's a shame we can't pack the cold weather away like we pack the Christmas lights and leftover wrapping paper. It keeps coming back like holiday bills. Still, there are things we need to get done, and I've scratched out a list.

Photo: Snapdragons take a bite out of winter.


Question of the Week Number 1: January 18, 2018

"Neil, can we put fireplace ashes into our compost and garden?"

The answer depends on where you are. I'll explain why.

Photo: Soils map of Texas from Texas Almanac is a fascinating study.


Question of the Week Number 2: January 18, 2018

"Neil, this fell out of my pecan tree in all the wind these past few days. What is it, and is it of any concern?"

This is a lichen, and I'll tell you about them.

Photo: Large lichen has fallen in windstorm.


And, in closing…

That's what I have for e-gardens this week. I hope you've found it useful. Please click through to learn more about our advertisers and, if it's convenient, let them know you appreciate their support of e-gardens. They make it happen!

I'll be back in your e-mailbox next Thursday evening at 6. Between now and then, please join me on radio, on my website for podcasts and plant info, on Facebook for facts and fun, and in church for the soul.

Until next week, thanks for reading…

And happy gardening!


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