VOLUME 14, ISSUE 7 • February 15, 2018

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


Thanks for clicking into this issue of e-gardens. We have some great stories in store:

In this issue…
• Fabulous foliage plants to brighten your life;
• Critical tasks for the next several days;
• How to eliminate weeds that are bothering you;
• Flowering quince, first star of the spring; and
• Steven Chamblee returns!


Compilation of a life's work…
I said once that everything I've ever said or written about gardening is probably in this book somewhere. All the information from my prior books, annual gardening calendars, newspaper columns and posters - check, check, check, check. Yep. All in there.

• 344 pages; hardback;
• 840 of my photos;
• Printed in Texas, not China!
• Completely different format from my old "boot book" (Complete Guide) written in 1991;
• Not in stores and not on Amazon;
• Only $31.95 plus tax, postage;
• I sign every book when it sells, personalize if requested.
• Don't grow into spring without it!

Order from my website or by calling my office M-F 9-5 at (800) 752-4769.

Photo: Pilea Moon Valley with its unusually textured leaves.


Flowering Quince is the First

For most of us it's the first shrub to bloom in the landscape. But this popular old-timer needs to be used carefully. I'll tell you why.

Photo: Nothing cheers a late-winter day better than flowering quince in full bloom.


Native Son

You’ve heard it said that “He could do it blindfolded?” Well, that’s about what Steven Chamblee did to write this month’s story. And it’s one of my all-time favorites. You gotta read this one!

Photo: Our buddy Steven Chamblee, at it again.


Fabulous Foliage

Sometimes foliage is more spectacular than flowers. I've brought you three plants that caught my eye recently in a Metroplex nursery. A little "Show and Tell" by the Sperry.

Photo: Moon Valley pilea is little-known but grown for its wonderful color, texture.


Question of the Week: February 15, 2018

"Neil, I have all kinds of weeds out in my lawn. How can I get rid of them?"

For most it won't be difficult, but let's sort through the facts.

Photo: Broadleafed weeds you may be seeing soon in your lawn.


Gardening This Weekend

I like to think of the middle of February as the beginning of real spring. Unfortunately, the weather doesn't always agree. But it's a mental thing for me, and I've outlined the things I think about doing right now.

Photo: Mid-February is rose-pruning time across Texas.


And, in closing…

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Happy Gardening!


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