VOLUME 14, ISSUE 9 • March 1, 2018

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


Welcome to the Grand Opening of March! Hooray and Hallelujah!

I've assembled some important stories I think you'll enjoy:
• Choosing the best flowering plants;
• What you need to know about pre-emergent weedkillers;
• Landscaping the small spaces;
• Garden tasks for this weekend; and
• Fertilizers - facts from fiction.

The book that will pay for itself!
Chapter 2 alone (a 48-page monthly calendar of critical tasks) will probably save you that much.

My latest book…
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• Has 11 chapters, 344 pages and 840 of my photos.
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Photo: Crossvine blooms with vigor in McKinney landscape.


Picking the Flowers

I'm frequently asked to recommend flowering trees, shrubs and vines for Texas landscapes. There are important things to consider. I've made a list, and it might be a big help to you.

Photo: Gold Star Esperanza quickly became a favorite with Texas gardeners when it was first brought into the market.


Gardening This Weekend

Whether the weather always agrees, I count March as the first real month of springtime. There are critical things you'll want to get done over the next several days. Click through to the next page to see them.

Photo: Flowering quince plants sell quickly in local nurseries.


Landscaping the Small Spaces

Urban lots are a lot smaller than they were 50 years ago, and our landscapes should be as well. It's really easy to get things out of proportion. I have some suggestions to help miss the pitfalls.

Photo: Multi-use space in the Sperry home landscape.


Question of the Week: March 1, 2018

"Neil, is it time to apply pre-emergent weedkiller to my lawn?"

Everywhere I've turned this week, this is the question. It's really important that you see my reply.

Photo: These are the weeds you'll be preventing with your pre-emergent.


Fertilizer Facts and Fantasies

It's time to start thinking about feeding your plants, and I have some things you'll want to consider. Not all plant foods are created equal. Let's examine it all.

Photo: Great garden needs the best nutrients.


And, in closing…

Here's hoping e-gardens has been a big help to you this week. If you missed last week's special Spring Lawn Care edition, here's a link back to it.

I'm already gathering tidbits for next week's piece, so gather yourself by your e-mailbox and be waiting. Until then, see you on Facebook, talk to you on the radio, wait for you with my podcasts, sit by you in church, or visit with you at the burger joint.

Until next week,

Happy Gardening!


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