VOLUME 14, ISSUE 21 • May 24, 2018

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


Here's hoping that you'll have a little extra time over this holiday weekend. I have prepared a really special e-gardens for you.

In this issue…
• Periwinkles perform once again;
• Your most important garden tasks for the weekend;
• Oxalis, love 'em or hate 'em;
• Aphids by the millions; and
• What is that nasty stuff in my flowerbeds?


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Photo: Angelonia Serena Purple


Gardening This Weekend

I've put together the list of timely activities for your landscape and garden. It's what you need to plant, prune, fertilize and watch out for, so do check it all out.

Photo: Pink angelonia can be planted now.


Oxalis - Beloved and Behated

Curious, isn't it, how plant families can have good plants and bad plants. And such it is with the genus Oxalis. I'll share a couple of the extremes.

Photo: Purple oxalis and yellow wood sorrel


Finally Time for Periwinkles

You need to wait until it's really warm to plant periwinkles in Texas, and that time has arrived. I'll explain why the wait and how best to succeed with them.

Photo: Cora periwinkles add crisp color in summer's heat.


Question of the Week Number 1: May 24, 2018

"What is this growing on top of the ground, and does it present any threat to my plants?"

Much as I'd like to post a prettier photo, this is what we have. I will explain it.

Photo: Saprophytic funguses are everywhere!


Question of the Week Number 2: May 24, 2018

"What are these that are killing my daylilies?"

Welcome to the curious world of aphids. I'll explain them.

Photo: Facebook friend Amy Davis posted this photo to my page recently.


And, in closing…

That's it for this week. Here's wishing you a safe and respectful Memorial Day weekend. I'll look forward to meeting up on my website, on Facebook, via my radio programs and podcasts and at church this Sunday morning.

If you enjoy e-gardens, please tell your friends.

Until next week, thanks for reading.

And happy gardening!


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