VOLUME 14, ISSUE 26 • June 28, 2018

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


Thanks for checking in on e-gardens this summer weekend. In fact, it's a weekend that's shared by two months, so we've made this edition doubly special for you.

What we've included…
• Lucious lantanas;
• Time is here for tomatoes;
• Forgot to wet my plants;
• Mitey (calm down, Spell Check) small problem;
• Your checklist for the weekend.

The clock is ticking…
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Photo: 3rd printing is about to head to the bindery where it will be sent through 12 or 15 separate processes. It's fascinating to watch a book print and then bind.

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Photo: A rainbow of lantanas graced a McKinney landscape just a couple of summers ago.


Plant of the Week - June 28, 2018: Lantanas

A featured plant this time of the year has to be tough, and this week's beauty is exactly that. Texas Tough. Native to Southwest Texas, where it blooms in the summer. I'll fill in the details.

Photo: Lantana is cheerful in Texas landscapes.


Gardening This Weekend

Using a term that's appropriate for the weather, I've boiled down the pertinent tasks of the time to the most critical dozen or so. Take a quick look.

Photo: Plant firebush now for color balance of summer and fall. Hummingbirds love it, too!


Time Is Here for Tomatoes!

Please trust me on this one. The best tomatoes you'll ever have here in Texas are the ones you get from a fall garden. Set out new transplants in the next 10 days. I have the details.

Photo: First harvest of fall tomatoes from Sperry garden.


Question of the Week Number 1: June 28, 2018

"Neil, what is wrong with my new plants? They were doing great until just a week or so ago."

Sadly, I see this every year. I'll explain what has happened.

Photo: New shrubs in a Texas landscape.


Question of the Week Number 2: June 28, 2018

"Neil, what's attacking my Green Mound junipers? It's happened really fast."

It's not just the junipers. This is the most damaging pest in Texas gardening. I'll explain.

Photo: Green Mound junipers drying and dying in patches.


And, in closing…

That's it for another issue of e-gardens. I hope it's been useful. And I also hope you have a safe, sane and serene 4th of July week ahead. We'll have another e-gardens next week just because gardens don't take time off for holidays.

Until then, I'll see you shopping crape myrtles, taking photos of lantanas, watching the fireworks, on my Facebook page, at my website where we post podcasts or in church this coming Sunday. Oh, and I'll be on the radio live, too. Let's get together.

Until next time,

Happy Gardening!


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