VOLUME 14, ISSUE 28 • July 12, 2018

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


We have fun. We have excitement. We have beauty. We have e-gardens. Another great week of gardening goodies.

In this issue…
• Rock star, that rock rose;
• Too much trumpetvine;
• Timely tips for this weekend;
• Girdlers in your greenery; and
• Gargoyles in your gardens.

That last one's from Diane Sitton, and it's a great story you don't want to miss.

My best deal on my best book…
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Photo: Brad Dietrich, sales representative with Clear Visions in San Antonio, was visiting North Texas a few days ago. They have done a masterful job printing all three runs of my book for me! (Good grief, he makes my head look huge. It was all in the camera angle, I promise!)

Neil Sperry's Lone Star Gardening only $26.95 plus tax, postage for a few days longer. Will be $33.95.
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Photo: Ornamental peppers are as hot as the weather, but they're cool plants for a fall landscape.


Gardening This Weekend

Plants need special help this time of the year. Here's an entirely new look at tasks we haven't addressed for a while.

Photo: Plant ornamental peppers now for color this fall.


When it's more than just a pretty face

Diane Sitton has brought her friends. Wait ’til you meet them!

Photo: Mellow yellow. With her short, curly, burgundy "bob" and floral surroundings, this girl is anything but mellow!


Plant of the Week: Rock Rose

I'm a big fan of understated plants - those that add charm to their surroundings without screaming out for attention. This is one of those sweet little plants, and it's a Native Texan to boot. Let me tell you.

Photo: Pavonia is found in the Texas Hill Country and Trans-Pecos.


Question of the Week Number 1: July 12, 2018

"Why is my tree dropping so many small branches? They all look like they've been cut off."

An insect has done this. I'll explain the unusual life cycle.

Photo: Work of the twig girdler on pecan.


Question of the Week Number 2: July 12, 2018

"Neil, neighbors have trumpetvines growing on their side of our fence. However, sprouts are coming up all over our backyard. How can we get rid of them?"

This is a tough plant to eliminate. I'll give you my suggestions.

Photo: Wild trumpetvines spread rapidly.


And, in closing…

That's what we brought in for e-gardens this week. I hope it met all of your needs, and I also hope you'll tell friends about us. Copy and paste this link to our sign-up page (same place where you signed up) and send it on to several who love gardening. http://neilsperry.com/e-gardens/.

I'm heading out to move the water. Until next week, I'll see you on my website or Facebook, or we can talk on the radio or via my podcasts. If I know you're coming, I'll save a seat for you in church. Have a great week!

Happy gardening!


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