VOLUME 14, ISSUE 37 • September 13, 2018

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


Oh, what an e-gardens we have in store for you! We'll help you celebrate the approach of autumn.

In this issue…
• Diane Sitton decorates with gardening murals;
• Why leaves brown around their edges;
• Mexican petunias love Texas gardens;
• Slime mold and whether to worry; and
• Things to accomplish this weekend.


Want to celebrate students in recovery?
Join us on Saturday, September 22, at 1 P.M. for the ribbon cutting and grand opening of the permanent home of Serenity High in McKinney. It's the nation's longest-tenured recovery high school, and as far as we know, the only one in a public school setting.

After 19 years in portable buildings, Serenity High will graduate to a great new home and we'd like you to join us to see it. It's on the campus of McKinney North High School, 2550 Wilmeth Drive just west of Community Drive.

Look for the signs and the traffic. We'll be finishing up a charity motorcycle ride that begins with registration at 8:30 and kickstands up at 11. You're welcome to join in on that as well. Click here for more information.

Photo: Katie's dwarf ruellia provides all the beauty of Mexican petunias without the size and assertive growth.


Plant of the Week: Mexican Petunia

I was a mere lad when I first saw this waist-high perennial blooming its head off as I mowed yards in College Station. You still see it in older neighborhoods across Texas (the same plants have probably been there for years), and there are improved forms. Let me tell you about them.

Photo: Mexican petunia blooming in McKinney last week.


Go ahead! Create a scene…a garden scene, that is!

Diane Sitton celebrates art in the garden.

Photo: Peaceable kingdom. An ordinary back fence becomes a focal point when adorned with coneflowers, a hummingbird, and other garden images.


Gardening This Weekend

Recent rains and slightly cooler day and night temperatures help us know that fall is knocking at the door. Check out this week's critical tasks so you can do your garden center shopping beforehand.

Photo: Garden mums will be colorful this year and for years to come.


Question of the Week Number 1: September 13, 2018

"Why are my tree's leaves turning yellow early, and why are they brown around their edges?"

I’ll answer both questions.

Photo: Maple has been through a rough summer.


Question of the Week Number 2: September 13, 2018

"What is wrong with my lawn, and what can I do to control it?"

This question has come up probably a dozen times already this week. I have the answer.

Photo: This is about as dense as you'll ever seen slime mold.


And, in closing…



That's it for e-gardens for this week. Of course, our bookshop store is always open if you'd like a copy of the 3rd printing of Neil Sperry's Lone Star Gardening. It covers all aspects of outdoor gardening in Texas and it's only $33.95 plus tax and postage. I sign every copy. Remember, it's not in stores and it's not on Amazon. Click here for more information and to order.

I've already started putting ideas together for next week's e-gardens. Be watching for it, and please tell your friends.

Happy Gardening!


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