VOLUME 14, ISSUE 41 • October 11, 2018

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


Welcome to e-gardens for a lovely time of the gardening year. Here's what I've brought to table this week:

In this issue…
• Top tasks of the time;
• What's consuming my cannas?
• Moths/armyworms/moths - will the cycle end?
• Rugged old beautiful tree; and
• Diane Sitton and her scarecrows.

Fall bulb and plant sale - worth the drive…
Our good friend Greg Grant alerts us to the Smith County Master Gardeners' "From Bulbs to Blooms" conference and sale this Saturday, October 13 at Harvey Hall (2000 W. Front St., Tyler). Registration is at 8:30 a.m. The conference begins at 9 and the sale will run from 11:30-1:30. This is an incredible opportunity to buy rare and exotic bulbs adapted to Texas. If you're anywhere nearby, make plans to attend! Click here for the varieties and all the details.

My best book ever - promise!
Of course, I'm a bit prejudiced. I self-published it (my first time to do so), so I could have just the book I always wanted.
• 840 of my photos and 344 pages
• Hardback, high-quality paper
• Printed right here in Texas
• Not in stores and not on Amazon
• Only $33.95 plus tax, postage
• I sign every book before we ship them.

Order from my website, or call my office (800) 752-4769 weekdays.

Photo: Bois d'arc trunks are wood for the ages.


Gardening This Weekend

Finally cooler weather arrives! And it brings with it the best time of the entire year for gardening in Texas - really! I'll outline your most important opportunities.

Photo: White form of popular oxalis (usually pink) can be divided in fall.


It's fall, go figure!

Diane Sitton loaded up the van and brought some of her closest friends to visit your garden. Crows, take warning. You’re gonna be scared!

Photo: Hefty harvest. Like pumpkins, scarecrows come in all sizes and shapes.


Plant of the Week: October 11, 2018

Would you believe it's bois d'arc! This venerable old native gets a little positive presstime today. I hope you enjoy getting to know it better.

Photo: Bois d'arc gets the starring role this time around.


Question of the Week Number 1: October 11, 2018

"What are all these moths I've been seeing? Are they from the armyworms?"

Yes, they are. Let's take inventory of where we are and where we may go.

Photo: Fall armyworm moth. Texas A&M photo.


Question of the Week Number 2: October 11, 2018

"What insect did this to my cannas, and what can I do to stop it next year?"

Canna leafrollers have really done a job on their host plants this fall.

Photo: Leafrollers have shredded canna foliage. Photo by Susan M.


And, in closing…


That's it for e-gardens for this week. It's been a great deal of fun getting it ready for you, and I've already started thinking about next week's edition.

Between now and next week I'll be looking for you on my website, on Facebook, tuning your radio dial, downloading a podcast, down the pew in church or in a nursery near you.

Have a wonderful week.

Until next time,

Happy gardening!


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