VOLUME 14, ISSUE 43 • October 25, 2018

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


Prospects are for a beautiful weekend across Texas! I am ready! And I have an e-gardens that should be fun and helpful.

So here's what I've brought you…
• What's happened to St. Augustine (I've boiled it down);
• A myth about ryegrass;
• The week's gardening guidelines;
• Mexican mint marigold; and
• Diane Sitton on the Great River Road.

Ever send a note out and realize you’d made a strange typo? Well, I have. Last week’s photo ID of ‘Color Guard’ yucca was way off. I do know the difference between yuccas and zinnias!

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Photo: Ryegrass "across the creek" in the Sperry home landscape.


Gardening This Weekend

Cooler weather means things are starting to change quickly. Your responsibilities are changing as well. I've worked up a list of the most important among them. Click through to see them.

Photo: 'Grand Primo' narcissus bulbs can be planted now.


Gardens Are Wherever You Find Them

Diane Sitton took a road trip up the Great River Road in Wisconsin. She shares garden discoveries with us.

Photo: Perennial phlox bloom beautifully. Is that a Longhorn?


Looking at Lawngrass Problems Again

After all the questions I've been seeing and hearing about Texas turfgrass, I wanted to go back over it one more time. I've boiled it down to bullet points that will help you understand it best.

Photo: Brown patch and TARR in fall.


Plant of the Week - Mexican Mint Marigold: October 25, 2018

Look closely at the flowers. They do look like marigolds. So do the leaves. But this perennial is so much more dependable. I like it a lot!

Photo: Mexican mint marigold in bloom in the Sperry home gardens now.


Myths and Mistakes

I hear a lot of interesting claims pertaining to Texas horticulture. I disagree with some of them, and in the slower days of winter I thought I might drop a few of them in and share my feelings with you. Today's topic is ryegrass and whether it results in increased water use in the winter.

Photo: Ryegrass as temporary turf in winter.


And, in closing…


Put a wrap on it. It's done for another week. This thing we call "e-gardens." I hope you've enjoyed it and found it useful. If so, please share it with others who might benefit from it.

I'll be working on another masterpiece for this same time next week, so stay close to your e-mailbox and be watching. Tune me in on the radio and look me up in newspapers, on Facebook, and on my website, where you'll also find podcasts of my programs.

Until next week, thanks for reading…
and happy gardening!


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