VOLUME 14, ISSUE 45 • November 8, 2018

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


Welcome to e-gardens for this important week. It's "important" because we have some great stories. But I also have an important announcement…

Beginning November 17 I’ll be on the air live on KLIF 570AM in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. That will be every Saturday 1-3 PM. Watch for all the details on my website and right here next week so you can hear the "Grand Opening!"

And of course I'll still have my Sunday program (8-10 am) on powerhouse WBAP 820AM just as I've had for many years.

For those of you outside the DFW Metroplex, I broadcast the Texas Lawn and Garden Hour across Texas live each Saturday morning 11-noon to more than 30 affiliate stations, and my daily Plant Talk Texas is heard each weekday morning on another 30-plus stations just as it has been since 1978.

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Photo: Pansies are awaiting your purchase, planting.


Plant of the Week: Pansies

Pansies are the best-selling annual flowers in Texas, and this is prime time to plant them. Let me give you some pointers toward getting the most for your money.

Photo: Nurseries are well-stocked with pansies right now.


When one is not enough

Any good gardener has several collections. Why hide them away. Diane Sitton encourages us to bring them outdoors for all to enjoy.

Photo: Glass flowers are almost as pretty as the real thing.


Gardening This Weekend: November 8, 2018

Mid-fall brings a specific set of tasks for the dedicated gardener. I've made my list of those I'd consider the most critical. Click through to see them.

Photo: Leaves on the lawn can spell big problems.


Questions of the Week: November 8, 2018

They pertain to over-wintering bougainvilleas and hibiscus and storing caladiums. Before you make a mistake, better click through to see them.

Photo: Tropical hibiscus won't survive freezing weather. What should you do?


Resetting Priorities

I'm asked at least once or twice weekly to recommend a "good fast-growing shade tree." Some of you have heard my thoughts before, but they bear repeating because I still see people making what I feel are mistakes.

Photo: Young bur oak is a good choice for this spot.


And, in closing…

As of this morning they’re forecasting frost and freeze warnings for big swaths of North Texas tomorrow (Friday) night. I have information on how to protect your plants from weather issues, including first freezes, and I leave it archived in the FAQ pages of my website. Click here to see it.

I've loved getting e-gardens ready for you, and I hope it’s been interesting and helpful. Special thanks to Diane Sitton for another fine piece. Hopefully you'll help us talk up e-gardens by sharing it with your gardening buddies.

Until next week, I'll be watching for you at my website, on the radio, downloading podcasts, becoming my Friend on Facebook, in a garden center or at church this coming Sunday.

It's a great time to be a Texan!

Happy Gardening!


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