VOLUME 14, ISSUE 46 • November 15, 2018

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


Wow! It's been cold since last we met here. Winter is almost upon us. In that light, I've prepared what I hope will be a useful e-gardens for you.

In this issue…
• Things to get done this weekend;
• Redbor kale for the purple lovers among us;
• Foliar freckles that aren't funny;
• Protecting your tender plants; and
• Steven Chamblee's grumblings and grinchiness!

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Photo: Redbor kale and cardoon share the stage in a winter performance.


Plant of the Week: November 15, 2018 Redbor Kale

If purple is your passion, Redbor kale needs to be in your wintertime garden. The colder it gets, the more intense the purple becomes. Let me tell you about it.

Photo: Redbor kale contrasts strikingly with cardoon in a late-winter garen.


Native Son: The Season of Letting Go…

Our buddy Steven Chamblee sets us all straight with the facts as he sees them. You'll enjoy this one a lot.

Photo: Disguised as a pleasant man of the autumn, Steven gets his Grinch going this month.


Covering Tender Plants

Worried about tender plants at your place? Nervous about what might lie ahead? I'll tell and show you how we cover the vulnerable plants at our place.

Photo: It's amazing that fabric this thin could offer any measure of protection from cold.


Question of the Week: November 15, 2018

"What is wrong with my Indian hawthorn, and what can I do to stop it?"

This road's going to be bumpy, but I'll give you my reply - one that makes me sad every time that I give it.

Photo: Entomosporium fungal leaf spot at our son's house last week.


Gardening This Weekend

First freeze has visited many parts of Texas already, and others will soon follow suit. What do you do now at the lead end of winter? I have the details.

Photo: Fertilize ryegrass, fescue now since they are cool-season grasses.


And, in closing…

That's it for e-gardens for this week. We'll be back with next week's issue on Tuesday so you can scan through it before you get covered up with all the holiday madness.

In the meantime, I'm hoping you'll tune in the first airing of my new program on 570 KLIF this Saturday afternoon 1-3. The phone number there will be (888) 785-5543.

And of course, I'll still be on WBAP Sunday mornings 8-10. Call me there at (800) 288-9227.

Thanks for reading. Until next week…

Happy Gardening!


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