VOLUME 14, ISSUE 50 • December 13, 2018

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


I'm going to get right to the point, because we've covered a lot of ground in e-gardens this week.

In this issue…
• My favorite shrub;
• How to prune vitex;
• Diane Sitton's red wagons;
• Best small trees; and
• Things to do now.

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Photo: Nellie R. Stevens holly berries are sparkling all winter.


Plant of the Week: December 13, 2018

For 50 years this has been my favorite landscaping shrub. Nellie R. Stevens holly is a great accent or screening plant for sun or shade. I'll tell you more.

Photo: Very large red fruit of Nellie R. Stevens hollies persist all winter.


Little red wagons -they just keep rolling along

Diane Sitton shows us how much little red wagons have become parts of our lives.

Photo: Little red wagons are equally at home on a porch, in the garden, or at the flea market.


Question of the Week: December 13, 2018

"Which smaller trees would you suggest for someone who doesn't have room for large shade trees?"

See the ones I've planted in my own landscape.

Photo: 'Warren's Red' possumhaw holly.


Gardening This Weekend

This is a pivotal time for a few critical gardening tasks. I'll list them for you in order to let you tend to them quickly. I know you have other things to get done.

Photo: Mistletoe fills cedar elm.


Pruning Vitex

I grew up around this shrub in College Station. No one did much to it, and it bloomed gloriously each summer. But good management can make it a much better landscaping plant. I have details.

Photo: Vitex blooms in late spring, but pruning should be done in the winter.


And, in closing…

That's what we have for e-gardens this week. I hope you've found it useful and that you'll share it with others.

Until next week, please visit my website or tune in my radio programs. We have podcasts of them as well, and I'd enjoy having you visit me on Facebook. Or at least I'll see you in church this coming Sunday.

Be well, and happy gardening!


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