VOLUME 15, ISSUE 2 • January 10, 2019

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


It looks like the balmy, beautiful weather from earlier this week has headed off for a while. But let’s look ahead just a bit.

Let's get it all started with a really good e-gardens this week. I worked hard on this issue.

In this issue…
• Never give up! (I didn't!);
• Funny name; fabulous plant - that possumhaw;
• Starting pecans, oaks from seed;
• Diane Sitton teaches us about garden illusions; and
• Mid-January things to get done.

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Photo: Possumhaw holly is stunning in mid-winter in Texas!


Plant of the Week - January 10, 2019: Possumhaw holly

Native to the eastern third of Texas and especially common in the northeastern section, this is an all-star plant for our gardens. Let me tell you about how I came to know it.

Photo: Warren's Red possumhaw on Virginia Pkwy. in McKinney.


Work some garden magic

Diane Sitton set out to fool us all with her photos. Are things really as they seem, or are we in Wonderland? She’ll show us some tricks.

Photo: Large mirror creates illusion of yet another garden.


Gardening This Weekend

It feels like a race when the starter calls out, "On your mark…." We're just a couple of weeks away from hitting full stride with late winter/early spring gardening tasks. I have the list of things you'll want to do now.

Photo: Fruit trees have arrived in Texas nurseries.


Question of the Week: January 10, 2019

"I'd like to grow oaks and pecans from seed. How do I do it?"

I'll give an answer and a warning.

Photo: Plant these pecans and the next generation won't be the same.


To Prove I'm Hard-Headed

As if my wife needed any ammunition in this discussion, I've refused to replace this once-lovely Oakland holly. I'll admit what I did to it and give you details.

Photo: You're only seeing part of the story.


And, in closing…

My goal when we began this reformatted e-gardens was to have a source of reliable, localized gardening information at your fingertips each weekend. I hope we're meeting that goal. If so, please share us with friends. Here's a link you can copy and paste. https://neilsperry.com/egardens/20190110/20190110.html

Until next week, please join me on radio or via one of my podcasts. Or on my Facebook page or through one of my almost 20 newspaper columns. Or of course, at my website. Say "Hi" at church or stop by the table at the hamburger joint. It's always nice to see you.

Until next week,

Happy gardening!


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