VOLUME 15, ISSUE 13 • March 28, 2019

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


Goodness, there have been some beautiful days and evenings this week! Perfect time to get out into the garden. And for the days ahead, I've lined up stories that you should find of use and of interest.

In this issue…
• Gardening "opportunities" for this weekend;
• Bathing our Pavestone;
• Aphids among us;
• A view across our creek; and
• When wisterias won't bloom.

New shipment of books!
Our walls and windows are bulging. Clear Visions Printing in San Antonio just sent another truckload of my books up our way. Perhaps we over-ordered: 1,000 had to go into our dining room. My wife is smiling in the photo, but she won't be smiling on Easter when the family arrives if that stack is still there! Won't you please buy a book!

Neil Sperry's Lone Star Gardening
• 344 pages and 840 of my photos.
• Hardback, printed on high quality paper.
• I attended all press checks to be sure that it's perfect.
• Completely different format from the 1991 "cowboy boot" book - and much more thorough.
• Covers all aspects of outdoor gardening in Texas.

Self-published, so…
• Not in stores and not on Amazon.
• Only $33.95 plus tax and postage.
• I sign every book before mailing, personalized if requested as you order (short inscriptions, please.)
• Satisfaction guaranteed or full refund.

Order from my website now, or call my office M-F 9-5 weekdays. (800) 752-4769.

Photo: It's time to plant marigolds in your Texas landscape.


Gardening This Weekend

We're officially into springtime, although chilly weather is forecast this weekend, even frost and freeze in the Panhandle. But we'll forge forward. I'll have your gardening goals.

Photo: Flats of marigolds await you!


From the Sperry Landscape

We've had a Pavestone driveway for more than 30 years and we love it. But it had really darkened with age. I'll tell you why and what we did to solve the issues. You might consider doing the same for your pavement.

Photo: Our Pavestone driveway after its bath.


From the Sperry Landscape, Part II

Elsewhere this issue you're seeing the front side of our property where the driveway leads down to our entryway patio. This is the opposite side, and I'll share how it's evolved over our 42 years of living in rural Collin County.

Photo: Our little acreage goes about as far as you can see in this photo.


Question of the Week - Number One: March 28, 2019

"What are these insects that are all over my plants?"

I've had many versions of this question based on the types of plants folks are growing in their gardens. See what I've told them.

Photo: Stems of gray cotoneaster are covered.


Question of the Week - Number 2: March 28, 2019

"Why won't my wisteria bloom?"

It's the question I'm asked most often about any vine that we grow. Click to see how I answer it.

Photo: This is the way wisterias are supposed to look while they're blooming!


And, in closing…

That's it for e-gardens for this episode, but the writer is busily contemplating his next assignments. I'll be back with another edition same time, same e-mailbox next Thursday.

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Happy gardening!


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