VOLUME 15, ISSUE 14 • April 4, 2019

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


Busy, busy times, friend! Beautiful weather. Gorgeous plants. You fall asleep dreaming of gardening this time of year.

In this issue…
• Steps to a better lawn;
• My favorite shade tree;
• A beautiful native vine;
• Why magnolia leaves are dropping; and
• Things to get done now!

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Photo: Trumpet honeysuckle is cheerfully blooming across Texas right now.


Gardening This Weekend

As the weather warms up so do your gardening responsibilities. Here are your most critical tasks for the upcoming weekend.

Photo: It's time to plant cucumbers.


Plant of the Week - April 4, 2019: Trumpet Honeysuckle

You may know this plant as "coral honeysuckle." Many of us do. It's a native vine across much of the eastern half of our state, and many of us use it in landscaping. I'll tell you more.

Photo: Trumpet honeysuckle in bloom this week.


My Favorite Shade Tree

You knew it would be an oak, and you might have guessed it would be a Shumard red oak. Well, you're correct. But let me give you my reasons.

Photo: Shumard red oak's fall color is spectacular in the "good" years.


Question of the Week: April 4, 2019

"Why is my magnolia losing so many leaves?"

This question comes in every year at this time. That should give you a clue to my answer.

Photo: Taken on our deck just a couple of days ago.


Steps to Thicker Turf

Looking for a better lawn in 2019? I may have some suggestions. Click through to see if some might be of use.

Photo: Healthy lawns require planning.


And, in closing…

That's what I brought to the party and I hope you enjoyed it. If so, please share us with others. Here's a link to our sign-up page. Just copy and paste it into an email or post it into your "sociable" media.


Between now and next Thursday I hope we'll meet up on my website or on the radio. Perhaps via a podcast or on Facebook. Maybe in one of the newspapers that carries my columns or best of all, at church or at a burger joint. If you see me, say "Hi." If you make a mistake and it's some other smooth-talking young guy, just tell him about e-gardens.

Have a great week.

And happy gardening!


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