VOLUME 15, ISSUE 15 • April 11, 2019

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


Welcome to the middle-of-April edition of e-gardens. It's going to be a useful and fun read.

In this issue…
• Two fun plants to explore;
• I'm covered up with questions about weeds;
• This weekend’s jobs;
• Learn about lattice; and
• Measly spots on our redtips.

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My clock is ticking…
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Photo: Redbud burl in photo. The bee also finds this attractive. Photo by Steven Chamblee.


Gardening This Weekend

Mid-April means it's time to finish up many of your most critical spring planting, pruning and feeding activities. Scroll through the lists to make sure you don't miss something important.

Photo: Spring garden plantings should be nearing completion.


Plants of this Week: April 11, 2019

Each of these will have appeared in another of my venues by the end of this weekend, but I thought they deserved a second look. Please check them out.

Photo: Unusual old redbud (I) photographed by Steven Chamblee and Chinese snowball


Reasons to love lattice

Lattice adds so much to any landscape, and Diane Sitton states its case. Her story will give you ideas.

Photo: Use lattice to build garden swing enclosures. This gardener combined a diamond pattern grid with square woven lattice.


Question of the Week: April 11, 2019

"What is killing my redtip photinias? Can I replant more of them?"

Veterans here can sing this old hymn from memory, but if you're not familiar, you need to look through what I’ve written. It's really important.

Photo: This is a fungal leaf spot. Not a friendly one.


Herbicidal Help!

Everywhere I've turned these past couple of weeks I've been covered up with questions about weeds. We Texans are up to our necks in all kinds of weeds. Let me sum them all up.

Photo: We're all going wacky. I'll try to restore calm.


And, in closing…

Join me this weekend on the air on KLIF 570AM from 1-3 p.m. Saturday and WBAP 820AM from 8-10 a.m. Sunday. Both are in DFW, but their signals go far beyond and both stations stream live. Podcasts of both programs will be on my website by Monday afternoon. I also do a statewide radio program to around 30 stations Saturdays 11:06-noon..

And I'll look for you on Facebook, on my website, and in the almost 20 Texas newspapers for which I write. Join us for any of the seven Sunday services at First United Methodist Church in McKinney if you're anywhere nearby.

Until next week for another e-gardens…

Thanks for reading,

And happy gardening!


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