VOLUME 15, ISSUE 17 • April 25, 2019

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


I hope you'll find a few hours to get out and enjoy mid-spring gardening in Texas. Recent rains. Green grass. Beautiful trees. Singing birds. Gotta love it!

In this issue…
• Plant now for summer color;
• Gardening this weekend;
• Gall growths on shade trees;
• We've struck Texas Gold; and
• Can lawn problems be prevented?


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Photo: Texas Gold columbines at Antique Rose Emporium in Brenham.


Best Summer Color Annuals

It's time to think about planting annuals that can withstand the rigors of a Texas summer. I've made a list of the ones that have been my top performers and I'd like to share them.

Photo: Pentas have come of age.


'Texas Gold' a true favorite

This plant and I met from two different directions, and I'm so glad that we did. We've been friends for several decades. Let me tell you about it.

Photo: Texas Gold columbine in bloom in McKinney this week.


Gardening This Weekend

Temperatures have been just about perfect for gardening lately. Let's make a list of the things you ought to be getting done while the weather is ideal.

Photo: St. Augustine plugs are ready for planting.


Question of the Week - Number 1: April 25, 2019

"What are these growths on my trees? Do I need to spray for them?"

I'm already getting these questions for 2019. It happens every year. Click through for my answer.

Photo: Unusual live oak gall.


Question of the Week - Number 2: April 25, 2019

"We had a terrible problem with chinch bugs last summer, armyworms last fall and maybe even grub worms this spring. Is there anything we should be doing now to prevent them?"

Click for my answer.

Photo: Are grub worms a concern now?


And, in closing…

Thanks to all who bought my books and helped me clear out our dining room. I had four boxes left - 56 books, or as my wife called it, "No big deal." She sends hugs and kisses. Easter dinner went according to plans. Marriage saved.

I hope you've enjoyed e-gardens this week. If so, please click through to see our sponsor's websites. Arborilogical Services and North Texas Ace Hardware dealers and Dallas Plumbing Company and Lentz Landscape Lighting. Let them know you appreciate them.

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I'll see you for the next issue of e-gardens. Until then, thanks for reading, and…

Happy gardening!


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