VOLUME 15, ISSUE 18 • May 2, 2019

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


And a big old Texas "Howdy" to the first month of the second decade! Where is this Millennium going?

Along the e-gardens path for this week…
• A Cestrum with zest - uhm;
• Homework for the weekend;
• Yikes! Poison ivy;
• Likin' some lichens; and
• Not likin' some bark scale.


And as if that weren't enough, a signed book!
Neil Sperry’s Lone Star Gardening
• Signed by the real author, not by his dog and not by a machine! (Signed by me!)
• Order it tonight or in the morning (May 2 or 3) and I'll sign and date it on my 75th birthday Friday. That won't add a cent to its value, but it'll give me something to do.
• Somewhere there's a Mama who would like a copy for Mother's Day.
• 344 pages. 840 of my photos. Printed on actual paper. Hardback like a turtle.

Real facts…
• Only $33.95 plus tax and postage
• Not in stores and not on Amazon. You save the difference.
• Satisfaction guaranteed.
• Two ways to order: Call my office M-F, 9-5 at (800) 752-4769 or order online from my secure website right now!

Photo: Nary a leaf was visible across the Sperry backyard just five weeks ago. What a difference a little warm weather makes!


Gardening This Weekend

May is the transition month of spring into summer. Reflective of that I've made a list of the important jobs you need to get done in the next several days.

Photo: The Sperry backyard has been fed and trimmed. We're ready to grow!


Cestrum 'Orange Zest'

I can't remember if I've ever featured a plant here that I haven't grown, but that's the case this week. But I've observed it, and so have others. Let me tell you about it.

Photo: Cestrum 'Orange Zest'


Crape Myrtle Bark Scale

As insect pests go, this is a comparatively new one. Luckily, it's more unsightly than threatening. Still, most folks certainly want to control it. Dr. Mike Merchant, Extension Entomologist, tells us how to do so. And this is the time!

Photo: Crape myrtle bark scale


Question of the Week: May 2, 2019

"What are these growths on my tree's trunk, and do I need to be concerned?"

My answer might surprise you. See what you think.

Photo: Posted on my Facebook page this week.


Poison Ivy Protection

Poison ivy is bringing me lots of questions this spring. I'll give you my version of how best to control it. Click through to see it.

Photo: Poison ivy in Collin County.


And, in closing…

When the popcorn quits popping, it's done. When I get down here, I'm done as well. But I'm ready to sign books (see above). And I'll be ready for radio this weekend. Join me on Facebook, check out podcasts of my broadcasts, visit my website where you'll see my 1001 FAQs, and I'll be in a lot of Texas newspapers over the next several days. Oh, and in church this weekend.

Saturday is Election Day. These are critical elections. School boards, city councils, local referenda and lots more. Things that really impact you personally. My own wife is up for reelection this time for school board in McKinney, but she drew no opponent. This will make 39 years. She is a legend in our town. I'm proud to walk alongside as the community comes up to her. I picked a wonderful winner!

And, this just in… EPA takes next step in review process for herbicide glyphosate, reaffirms no risk to public health. Click to see their release.

Until next week,

Happy Gardening!


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