VOLUME 15, ISSUE 19 • May 9, 2019

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


First and foremost, to all of our moms out there in Texas and beyond, Happy Day!

I thank two mothers. One, my biological mother from San Antonio. I don't know you, but I am forever grateful that you chose to give birth and put me up for adoption. Wherever you are, God has been good to me because of your kindness. He found my mom Lois, and she and Omer took over from there. I love you both.

In to this issue…
Salvia greggii - the ideal perennial;
• Tasks for right now, this weekend;
• Bloodleaf, anyone?
• Live oak suckers born every minute; and
• Diane Sitton's tips on touring gardens.


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Photo: Bloodleaf and I go back a long ways in history.


Autumn sage (Salvia greggii)

It's a plant with split personalities. Is it a shrub? Or is it a perennial? Could it be both? Why, yes. I believe that it is, and this is a great week to feature it.

Photo: Salvia greggii is a great pollinator, too.


"Welcome to the garden"

Ever join in on a backyard tour? You should! Diane gives her tips.

Photo: You'll find all kinds of great and tiny ideas on garden tours.


Bloodleaf Is Old Friend

Iresine and I go back 60-plus years. It's been fun watching my old friend come into its own as a patio potted plant or shade garden annual. Let me tell you about it.

Photo: Bloodleaf waiting to head into our gardens.


Question of the Week: May 9, 2018

"How can I stop all those sprouts that keep coming up around my live oak tree?"

I know they're frustrating. Let me try to help you.

Photo: Sprouts abound with this live oak.


Gardening This Weekend

This is the most visited part of e-gardens each weekend. It's where I assemble the things I feel are most critical obligations for the upcoming 4-5 days.

Photo: Plum curculio damage on peach. (Photo by FB friend Judy K.)


And, in closing…

Thank you for spending a little while with e-gardens this week. I spent better than a day getting my part ready, and I know Diane Sitton and Gretchen did, too. Look for another fun issue next week.

Please let our advertisers feel your appreciation. Please don't just scroll past their ads. Click into them to see what they're all about. I choose them carefully for you.

Tomorrow is a huge day for us. We on the Crape Myrtle Trails of McKinney will be giving out crape myrtles to 2,100 youngsters in McKinney (details on my Facebook page tomorrow evening). And the McKinney Education Foundation will be handing out hundreds of thousands of dollars in college scholarships.

I'll listen for your ears on my podcasts and on the radio this weekend, and I'll hope to see your eyes on my website, Facebook page and my newspaper columns.

Until next week,

Happy Mother's Day, and

Happy Gardening!


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