VOLUME 15, ISSUE 20 • May 16, 2019

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


I have a fun issue this time to celebrate what's been a glorious week in Texas.

In to this issue…
• Lovely larkspurs;
• Gardening tidbits for the weekend;
• Current FAQs about veggies;
• Updates on take all root rot; and
• Steven Chamblee finds lost treasures.


I'm restocked and ready!
Neil Sperry's Lone Star Gardening

• My latest book - it took me a year!
• 344 pages and 840 of my very best photos.
• Hardback, high-quality paper.
• 11 chapters that cover everything related to outdoor gardening in Texas.

Chapter 2 alone will pay for the book. It's a month-by-month calendar telling you what you need to plant, prune, fertilize and watch out for in your landscape and garden.

• I sign every book. Great Father's Day, wedding anniversary or birthday gift. Or give it to yourself. You've earned it!

• Only $33.95 plus tax and postage.
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• Order from my website or by calling my office at (800) 752-4769 M-F 9-5. (Office closed Friday, May 17.)

Photo: Dahlberg daisy is a handsome little border flower that stands up to the sun and heat of a Texas summer.


Gardening This Weekend

With weather as beautiful as Texas has had this week, maybe there's nothing left that you need to get done. (Ha!) Let's assume that's not the case and start up a new list. Click on through to see it.

Photo: Dahlberg daisy is a grand low, bordering flower.


Native Son: May 16, 2019

A spider can spin a wonderful web out of thin air, and so can Steven Chamblee. Do I hear a knock at the door? Why, yes I do. It's Steven, just before "press time." You're going to love what he's found!

Photo: Steven pals around with another wandering plant guy.


Gotta Love Larkspurs!

Of all the reseeding annual flowers that show up in old Texas gardens, larkspurs are my favorites. Maybe you've never grown them. I'd love to introduce you.

Photo: A reseeding bed of larkspurs in McKinney earlier this week.


Questions of the Week - All About Vegetables: May 16, 2019

I've compiled the questions I'm being asked most often right now about home vegetable gardens. Odds are, there's something for everybody, so you may want to check.

Photo: Tomato flower cluster ready for thumping.


May Update - Take All Root Rot

I've been keeping track of the calls, comments, questions and my own observations on this spring lawn disease. I've drawn some conclusions I'd be willing to share.

Photo: Collin County lawn photographed earlier this week.


And, in closing…

That's it for this week's e-gardens, but as sure as there will be another week, there will be another e-gardens. I'm already assembling topics.

Between now and then, please join me on my radio programs and podcasts, look for my newspaper columns in about 15 Texas newspapers, join me on Facebook, and visit my website. And I'll see you in church. We'll save you a seat.

Until next week, thanks for reading…

And happy gardening!


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