VOLUME 15, ISSUE 25 • June 20, 2019

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


Sending e-gardens out a few hours early…
I speak tonight (June 20, 7 p.m.). “All About Crape Myrtles.” McKinney Performing Arts Center in the center of Downtown McKinney. Lecture will be free. Presented by McKinney Public Libraries. It’s been 8 months since I’ve given a talk. Hope I remember how!

Welcome to another exciting episode of e-gardens! It seems like only yester-week that we gathered here to visit.

In this issue…
• Gardening things to do;
• Birds, bees and butterflies;
• Chiggers, on my!
• Early summer pruning; and
• Our Native Son, Mr. Chamblee

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Photo: Gregg's mistflower (Conoclinium greggii) is a butterfly magnet).


Gardening This Weekend

When temperatures climb into the 90s things start to move at a really fast pace in the landscape and garden. I'll try to help you stay ahead of your game. Read through my activities list for this weekend.

Photo: Moss rose (portulaca) laughs at the heat.


Native Son: June 20, 2019

Our tall Texan has been our ambassador to gardens back East, and wait ’til you see where he’s been. (He’s also practicing his new Fig Leaf Dance.)

Photo: Steven Chamblee with a Bigleaf Magnolia (Magnolia macrophylla), which boasts the largest simple leaf and largest single flower of any native species in North America.


Early Summer Pruning

Even at this time of the year there are some critical pruning tasks you'll want to get done fairly quickly. I'll share several from the Sperry home landscape.

Photo: This bed of wintercreeper just got a trim.


Question of the Week: June 20, 2019

"How can I eliminate chiggers? They're eating me alive."

I have an answer that may surprise you, but as you think about it, I believe you'll agree with me.

Illustration: Adult chigger magnified manifold (from TAMU publication by Dr. Mike Merchant)


Bees, Birds and Butterflies

We've really enjoyed the birds, bees and butterflies in our gardens already this spring. I have suggestions on plants to attract them. I hope you'll read on.

Photo: Vitex has a glamorous visitor.


And, in closing…

That's what we have for you today. Thanks for browsing on through. If you enjoyed e-gardens I hope you'll let others know. Encourage them to sign up at my website.

Join me on Facebook or at my website, where I have my 1,000 Frequently Asked Questions, important information on rose rosette and St. Augustine diagnostics, also podcasts of my radio programs. Tune me in for the live broadcasts of those programs or catch me in one of more than 15 Texas newspapers.

I need to run now. As I mentioned, I have that program to give in McKinney tonight (come join us), but I'll have a lot more in next week's e-gardens. Until then, have a great week, and…

Happy gardening!


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