VOLUME 15, ISSUE 29 • July 18, 2019

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


Late July - we're just a few weeks away from fall's cooler weather, so it's time to start planning. But summer is in its prime, so we have to protect our plants and our pets. I'm going to cover it all.

In this edition…
• Controlling trumpetvine - tall order;
• 'Truffula' gomphrena, a true beauty;
• Why some crape myrtles aren't blooming;
• Why some oleanders aren't blooming;
• What should you be doing this weekend; and
• Dr. Chamblee, psychiatrist to gardeners.

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Photo: Gomphrena 'Truffula' is a new all-star performer in the summer sun.


Plant of the Week: July 18, 2019

I just stumbled onto this beauty at a friend's greenhouse last week. He had grown it as a special order, and I have to admit that I've not grown it at all. But knowing its background, I'm willing to recommend it. Let me tell you why.

Photo: Gomphrena Truffula from Proven Winners®.


Native Son: A Quirky Impulse

Every time I read Steven Chamblee's monthly story, I feel like it's his best ever. Folks, this one is the very best he's ever submitted. Don't miss it!

Photo: Steven with a specimen of Encephalartos woodii, the world's rarest plant.


Gardening This Weekend

It's hot outside, and most of us want to get the essentials done and save other projects for another time. I've condensed the list to the most important of those essentials. See what needs to be done now.

Photo: Large patio pots ready for use.


Question of the Week Number 1: July 18, 2019

"My neighbor has a wild trumpetvine that is sending sprouts into my yard. What can I spray on them to kill them?"

It may not be that easy. I'll explain.

Photo: Native trumpetvines try to conquer the world.


Question of the Week Number 2: July 18, 2019

"Why are my crape myrtles and oleanders not blooming?"

The answers may be the same, or they may be completely different. Let's explore them together.

Photo: These two plants should have been blooming heavily by now.


And, in closing…

That's it for this week, but we'll be back with more surprises next week, same time and from the cool comfort of the same e-mailbox.

In the meantime, check those sprinklers to be sure they're (a) watering all your plants well and (b) not wasting water. Stop by a nursery to pick up some color. Things need some perking up. And tune me in on the radio this weekend. Or join me on Facebook, via a podcast or on my website. Or at church this Sunday morning.

Until next week, thanks for reading, and

Happy gardening!


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