VOLUME 15, ISSUE 36 • September 5, 2019

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


Welcome to the first e-gardens for September. I have some critical information packed into this one. I think you’ll find it extremely timely.

In this issue…
• Last chance for pre-emergents;
• Two unusual insects;
• Quick color for fall;
• Your goals for this weekend; and
• What's chewing holes?

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Photo: Ornamental peppers can perk up fall plantings.


Spots of Color for Fall

If you'd like to spruce things up for the 10 weeks of fall weather ahead, container color is one of the easiest ways. Here's my list of a few of the best sources of color.

Photo: Purples abound, left to right - purple fountaingrass, pentas, ornamental peppers, garden mums.


Last Chance for Pre-emergents!

The next cool spell will mark the beginning of germination of winter weeds in your lawn. Do not delay! This weekend is my cutoff time for applying pre-emergents across Texas. See what I've written.

Photo: Will your lawn look like this come February? (Annual bluegrass)


Gardening This Weekend

See what needs to be done now. Click through for my suggestions. They're going to change a lot by the end of the month.

Photo: Beautiful Monarch butterfly larvae devouring purposely planted milkweed foliage. I am so sorry - I do not have the name of the person who posted this photo on my FB page.


Two Interesting Insects

Each of these came as a post to my Facebook page. One actually was posted by several people - the golden-green beetle. The other, a web-like covering of tree trunks, has only come up once so far, but it was common the past couple of Septembers. Let me tell you about them.

Photo: Beetles 'n bark lice.


Question of the Week

"Something has eaten holes in my plants' leaves. Should I treat for the problem?"

Good question, and I'll have an answer that will apply to almost all of your plants.

Photo: Elm leaf beetle larvae have been feeding all summer. Are they worth treating now?


And, in closing…

That's it for e-gardens for this busy week. I hope you'll share it with your gardening pals. And I hope you'll join me on the radio and via my podcasts, in newspapers that carry my columns, on my website, on Facebook and in church.

Have a great week.

Happy gardening!


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