VOLUME 15, ISSUE 47 • November 21, 2019

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


You're going to get a lot from this week's e-gardens. Please be sure you take a glance and a gander.

Here's what I've included…
• Zebra plants tantalize gardeners;
• Songbirds do something surprising;
• A hidden pest in our gardens;
• Sad news from Steven; and
• This weekend's tasks.

Sailing out the door! Thank you!
I spent most of an afternoon signing books earlier this week. Thank you!

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Photo: Zebra plants' foliage is truly remarkable.


Gardening This Weekend

Late Thanksgiving means that you have an extra weekend to get things ready. Maybe the weather will end up cooperating. I've made a list of touch-up things you need to get done. Do check through them.

Photo: Pansies - the most popular annual flowers in Texas. I'm always a sucker to take another pansy photo.


Native Son: Grateful

Steven Chamblee is my longtime dear friend. And he has earned my highest respect as a horticulturist. We have fun calls, but far too seldom. He’s now directing the brand new Longview Arboretum, but his joy took a short detour. Read how he got it all back on track.

Photo: Steven saves letters from friends. Forever!


Zebra Plant Growers Earn Their Stripes

Love this plant? Yeah, I do, too. But it can be challenging to grow. I'll tell you what I know about zebra plants (as well as a few things that I don't know). Click on to learn more.

Photo: Beautiful way to showcase a spectacular plant. (Leave it to Calloways!)


Question of the Week: November 21, 2019

“As we took out our gardens we noticed swellings on our plants’ roots. They hadn’t been productive. Any ideas?”

Click through to see what I suggested and the details.

Photo: Galls on roots of tomato.


Songbirds - So Much to Learn

The folks at Wild Birds Unlimited dispense great information. Did you know, for example, that birds are currently visiting our feeders as they collect and store seeds for consumption this winter. Read what I learned from WBU!

Photo: Nuthatch prepares to grab its seed.


And, in closing…

That's what we have for you this week. Watch for e-gardens a couple of days early next week due to the Thanksgiving rush. In the meantime, please join me on Facebook, in a dozen or more Texas newspapers, on the radio and via my podcasts, also on my website. Oh, yes. I’d love to sign you a book!

Happy gardening!


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