VOLUME 15, ISSUE 48 • November 28, 2019

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


Happy Thanksgiving Week! Odds are you're seeing this a couple of days early, and that's the reason. It will be a quick, but important read.

In this issue…
• Activities when you have a moment;
• Living Christmas trees - my modified ideas;
• Choose the right bricks;
• Why fall colors vary; and
• Take care of those trunks.

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Photo: Ornamental pears may not be the best trees, but they're some of the best color for fall.


Gardening This Weekend

So it's a weekend shared by two months. I've made a list of critical tasks of late fall. Click through to see what I've put on it.

Photo: Violas 'Sunshine 'n Wine' offer bright contrast.


Question of the Week: November 28, 2019

“Why do shade trees vary in the intensity of their fall color from one year to the next?"

I've had several dozen people ask me this this fall. Here’s my reply.

Photo: Shumard red oaks in a McKinney median as I left the carwash a few days ago.


Living Christmas Trees - Fact or Fiction?

After all these years in the advice-giving business I've decided to change my suggestions just a bit. I hope you'll read my quick thoughts.

Photo: Junipers are suited to all of Texas.


Some Bricks are Better

Not all bricks are equally made. Many of you know that. Some of us had to find it out the hard way. You might want to find out earlier in life than I did, so I'll share the details.

Photo: Bricks failing badly in Sperry construction.


Protect Trunks from Human Invaders

Tree trunks are often quite lovely. We see that now more than at any other time of the year. But we do some really dreadful things to those trunks. I'll show you some of the worst.

Photo: Native old bois d'arc trunks are ruggedly handsome. (Sperry landscape)


And, in closing…

Happy Thanksgiving. It's our prayer that it will be safe, serene and joyous for you and yours. I'll be on the air this weekend live as always, and you can join me on Facebook, too. And we'll be in church as always. That's the best place to give thanks!

Happy gardening!


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