VOLUME 16, ISSUE 3 • January 16, 2020

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


Oh, I think you're going to find this e-gardens (a) useful and (b) enjoyable. It should be a good one!

In this issue…
• Best plants for privacy;
• One of my favorite shrubs;
• This weekend's goals;
• Two weeds that get confused; and
• Steven Chamblee sees miracles.

Neil Sperry's Lone Star Gardening
• The book that should pay for itself before this year is finished!
• Chap. 2, "the calendar" telling you when to plant, prune, feed and protect all of your plants month by month, will save you scores of dollars. I've never had it in a book before.
• 10 other chapters cover basics, trees, shrubs, vines, groundcovers, annuals, perennials, lawns, fruit and vegetables in incredible detail.
• Thoroughly illustrated (840 photos and detailed charts).
• Hardback. 344 pages. Printed in Texas.

Only $33.95 plus tax, postage.
• I sign every book before mailing.

• Not in stores and not on Amazon.
• Order from my website, or call my office weekdays (800) 752-4769.

Photo: Nandinas in the mist in the Sperry landscape.


Gardening This Weekend

Variable weather has made gardening a bit more challenging, but we're tough Texans. Here are the things that are at the tops of our lists for this weekend.

Photo: Asparagus is either planted or fertilized now! Photo credit: Michigan State Univ.


Native Son: Everyday Miracles

Our buddy Steven Chamblee from the Longview Arboretum is seeing unbelievable things, and he’s here to report on them.

Photo: The East Texas sky mesmerized me one day.


Plant of the Week: Compact Nandina

I've grown this great shrub for 43 years in our rural landscape. That's long enough for me to give it the best of marks. I'll tell you why it scores so high for me.

Photo: Compact nandina in the Sperry home landscape.


Question of the Week - Number 1: January 16, 2020

"What is the best tall shrub or small tree for privacy? There is an apartment house being built behind us."

I'll give my suggestions. Check to see them.

Photo: Little Gem Southern magnolia is excellent tall privacy screen.


Question of the Week - Number 2: January 16, 2020

"What will control dollar weed? We had a ton of it last year and I'm tired of pulling it. It's already coming back."

Be sure that's what you really have. I'll tell you the difference and how to control both.

Photo: Which is the true "dollar weed?"


And, in closing…

That's it for e-gardens for this week, but watch for us same time next week.

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Until next time, thanks for reading…

Happy gardening!


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