VOLUME 16, ISSUE 12 • March 19, 2020

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


Here's hoping you and yours are able to stay close to your home and gardens. It's a great time to appreciate all of our blessings as we catch up on projects and plan for how we'll move forward.

In this issue…
• Evergreen clematis;
• Aphids abound;
• Annual bluegrass again;
• Sporey-things on our ferns;
• Yuck;
• Garden tasks for now, and;
• Steven Chamblee is back!

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Photo: Evergreen clematis has notable flowers and foliage.


Gardening This Weekend

With more at-home time, many of us are getting caught up on projects around the house. If the weather will just cooperate, I have a list of the most critical things a gardener would want to get done. Click through to read them.

Photo: Time here to plant beans.


Native Son: Top Five Reasons NOT to Plant a Garden

I’m pretty sure my buddy Steven Chamblee was kidding when he wrote out his list of reasons you should never garden. You’ll enjoy his perspectives.

Photo: Mr. Sunshine goes grouchy.


Plant of the Week: Evergreen Clematis

Everybody wants to grow clematis in Texas, yet few of us can. This is one that will succeed, but unlike the popular types from up North, this one needs warm, southern conditions. I'll tell you about it.

Photo: Evergreen clematis is an unsung hero vine.


Questions of the Week - March 19, 2020: First Pair

1. "What is this weed growing all over my yard? What can I do to control it?"

2. "I think I have aphids covering my daylilies. Will they ruin the plants?"

Photo: I'll answer both questions.


Questions of the Week - March 19, 2020: Second Pair

1."What are these things all over my holly ferns?"

2. "What is this nasty mess growing in my lawn?"

Photo: Two ultra-primitive forms of plant life.


And, in closing…

Thank you for checking in on e-gardens this week. Please take care of yourself and, as you are able, those you love and who are near you.

To that end, here is a wonderful PSA done by Max Brooks and his dad, the 1000-year-old Mel Brooks. If you haven't seen it, you need to (whatever your age).

I'll be broadcasting all of my radio live from my house this weekend. I'll be writing my newspaper columns from there as well. And Facebook is from my computer at home. I'm attending meetings via tele-conferencing. And our church, like most, is online as well.

Until next week, thanks for reading. And happy gardening!


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