VOLUME 16, ISSUE 26 • June 25, 2020

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


Welcome to this week's e-gardens. I've been planning it for you for, well… for 7 days!

In this issue…
• A pineapple surprise;
• Training wayward young trees;
• Gardening responsibilities;
• Hibiscus shedding their buds; and
• Full-season perennials – Are there such plants?

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Photo: Madame Galen trumpetcreeper is a large, colorful vine. It's not invasive like its native counterpart.


Gardening This Weekend

Odds are that your favorite nurseries will soon be starting some big sales for early 4th of July. Keep your eyes opened for them. Great prices plus longer evenings to enjoy gardening.

Photo: If you have cannas, watch out for leafrollers.


Variegated Pineapple

With a photo I took just a few days ago, I share a surprise I found lurking in the Sperry home landscape. Our colorful variegated pineapple plant has decided to bear fruit a second time in its life. Let me tell you about these curious plants.

Photo: Pineapples are about 30 inches tall when they bear fruit.


Question of the Week - Number 1: June 25, 2020

"Why is my hibiscus plant dropping so many of its blooms? Very few are opening."

This is a common question in summer. I'll explain the issue.

Photo: Buds fall off before they can open.


Question of the Week - Number 2: June 25, 2020

"What perennials can I plant that will bloom all summer long? I'm tired of having to replant annuals every year."

There's a huge misconception here. Let me explain!

Photo: Perennial gardens aren't easy!


Question of the Week - Number 3: June 25, 2020

"When can I start removing lower branches to transform my "shrub" into a tree?"

I can offer suggestions. Click on.

Photo: Young magnolia (L) and crape myrtle are ready for training.


And, in closing…

That's it for e-gardens for another week. It's been a really hectic week to be sure. If you're awaiting delivery of your copy of my book, know that we've spent 12 hours each day working through orders and all should be mailed within the next day or two.

I hope you'll join me on the radio this weekend. Or you can download podcasts from my website. Join me on Facebook, and catch me in a dozen Texas newspapers. I have a lot of helpful information on my website, so we have many places to meet up. Not to mention online at church this coming Sunday.

Until next week, please, please wear your mask. Stay safe and stay well.

Until then, happy gardening!


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