VOLUME 16, ISSUE 37 • September 10, 2020

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


What a strange cold front this one has been. It spent most of the week oozing across Texas. While Dumas and Dalhart were shivering, Longview and Lufkin were wondering if things would ever change. But gardening goes on.

In this issue…
Sweet smells from clematis;
Delightful doors from Diane;
A guest that won't go away;
Asters to avoid; and
Garden tasks for this weekend.

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Photo: Sweet autumn clematis - if only we could
e-build e-aromas into e-gardens.


Gardening This Weekend

Cool temperatures and moisture now serve to alert us that fall is on the next bus. Let's outline things you'll want to get done this weekend.

Photo: Native milkweed is the favored food of Monarch butterflies. If you have it, let it grow!


Garden doors … locked in style

Diane Sitton will open doors – and your eyes to gardening creativity. Great story!

Photo: A custom designed door adds old world charm to this stone garden building.


Sweet Autumn Clematis: September 10, 2020

If you're from the North, you want to grow clematis. Here's one that will grow for you. With vigor. And fragrance. Let me tell you about it!

Photo: Sweet autumn clematis has nice attributes – and one possible flaw.


Question of the Week - Number One: September 10, 2010

"What is this ugly, tough little weed, and how can I get rid of it?"

This thing is showing up everywhere. I'll ID it and give you the low-down on what to do to control it.

Photo: It's as woody as it looks!


Question of the Week - Number Two: September 10, 2010

"What is this weed, and how can I get rid of it?"

KR bluestem. Introduced as a forage grass, it's now a pest for Texas lawns border to Gulf. I'll give you details.

Photo: If you're seeing these seedheads, better read my advice.


And, in closing…

I had a lot of things I wanted to cover in e-gardens this week. I chose the most pressing, and I'll save the others that will still be timely for next week.

In the meantime, get out and enjoy your landscape and garden now that the weather is starting to cooperate. This is a great time for planting new trees and shrubs, and nurseries are wide open places. Wear your mask and let them bring things to the curb or better yet, deliver them for you.

I'll be on the radio this weekend, and I write for 12 Texas newspapers weekly. Join me on Facebook, and visit my website for my 1001 FAQs, also podcasts of my programs.

Until next week, thanks for reading…

And happy gardening!


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