VOLUME 17, ISSUE 8 • February 25, 2021

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


There's a huge amount to cover in this week's e-gardens. Weather is a big part of it. Let's get it going.

In this issue…
Where do we go now? Tips and Tidbits;
Pre-emergent guidelines for Spring '21;
Critical tasks for this weekend;
Steven Chamblee has frozen to a stump; and
Your chance to ask the TAMU experts.

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Photo: This handsome Cardinal was awaiting his turn at the Sperry feeders last week. The oakleaf hydrangea made a great parking place.


Gardening This Weekend

People are assessing their cold damages and making their changes. They key word is "patience." Give plants time to come back. Give your favorite local independent nursery time to get fully stocked.

Photo: It’s petunia-planting time across Texas.


Native Son: Ode to the 2021 Snowmageddon

Steven Chamblee went through the same cold spell we all did last week. He’s here with his tribute.

Photo: Steven’s new publicity photo. (Fort Worth Botanic Garden historic archives ca. 1990)


Where Now? Tips and Tidbits

You're wondering where you should start in rehabbing your plantings. I'll help you sort out the details. Before you do anything, please read what I've written.

Photo: Aspidistra (cast iron plant) after -4F! Uncovered yesterday morning.


Help Available from Extension Specialists Tomorrow

A group of Texas AgriLife Extension Specialists and agents will be hosting a webinar tomorrow Friday, Feb. 26 at 4 p.m. to help you work through the aftermath of last week's cold. Click through to see how you can participate and have your questions answered.

Photo: Part of the 6 inches of snow in the Sperry backyard.


First Call: Pre-emergent Weedkillers

Timing is critical when it comes to pre-emergent weed control. I'll boil it all down to places, dates and products. Click for details.

Photo: If you'd like a great lawn in 2021, it starts in the next couple of weeks.


And, in closing…

It's been quite a week (5 days) since we finally got e-gardens sent out last Saturday. Hopefully you've found this one useful, and hopefully your landscape and garden are turning a good corner.

I'll be back at this same e-mailbox next week with more information to help you adjust. In the meantime, remember that key word of the week: Patience. Make your decisions carefully. If in doubt, wait another day or two before you prune or remove plants.

I'll talk to you on the radio this weekend, or I'll see you on Facebook or at my website. I'd love to be signing a book for you, too.

Until next time, thanks for reading…

And happy gardening!


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