VOLUME 17, ISSUE 13 • April 1, 2021

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


Happy Easter, to all of our Christian friends! May this weekend find you finally among family again. Thanks be to God and modern medicine for getting so many of us through to the other side and now protecting us with vaccines. Lynn and I are still wearing our masks and practicing healthy behaviors.

Back to gardening: in this issue…
Gardening in the shade;
When to feed each of your plants;
This weekend's goals;
Establishing priorities; and
Facts to share about Easter lilies.

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Photo: Old heirloom shrub Vitex stood up to the cold.


Gardening This Weekend

Many of you glance to this section first to see what plans you need to be making. Knowing that this is a busy weekend for many, I'll cut right to the chase. Here's hoping you'll find the list useful.

Photo: Wax begonias can be planted now into beds, baskets or pots.


Happy Easter (Lily), Gardener

When you walk by that display of beautiful Easter lilies at the nursery, flower shop or grocery, I want you to think a little about what it takes to produce them. I'll share some details if you'll just click through to see them.

Photo: Odds are that your 2021 Easter lily is somewhere in this photo taken at peak bloom last year.


The Shady Side of Gardening

As we replant this spring many of us are going to be planting into areas where large trees now cast long shadows. Sun-loving plants, including our turfgrass, no longer are happy there. I've made a list of the best shrubs for shaded gardens in Texas.

Photo: No direct sunlight will hit this part of the Sperry landscape in just a few weeks.


What Do We Really Want?

What you’ll find here will be part information and part opinion. Should you try to save every plant that’s sending up baby shoots? Can you grow lilacs in Texas?

Photo: If not lilacs, maybe this...


Question of the Week: April 1, 2021

"What is the best time to fertilize my various plants?"

Simple question. Answer is complicated enough. Doubly so with this freeze-dominated year.

Photo: When should I be fertilizing?


And, in closing…

There's been a lot of information in this week's e-gardens. I hope you've had time to enjoy it, and I hope the weekend brings you time to enjoy faith, family and gardening. It's a beautiful time to be a Texan!

I'll be doing radio live both days this weekend. And spending a little time on Facebook. And looking after my plants. And watching a little basketball. And, visiting with the kids and the grandkids!

Happy Easter, everyone.

Until next week,


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