VOLUME 17, ISSUE 21 • June 10, 2021

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


Trying to get a few more things done in these last few days of very late spring? I have some tips before summer arrives for its annual visit.

In this issue…
Fancy begonias in the Sperry gardens;
The most invasive shrub in Texas;
Your gardening gotta-do list for the weekend;
How often to water; and
Evolutions of our landscapes.

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Photo: 'Twist of Lime' glossy abelia is an exciting option in a long-popular shrub.


Gardening This Weekend

As the cool, wet days of spring quickly give way to summertime, there are some tasks that require our attention soon. I've assembled a list that might be of help. Give it a quick glance.

Photo: Cape plumbago cools the summer.


Progressions in Landscaping

Things change as a landscape matures. What you needed when things were first planted evolve as everything grows - including your family. Let's take a couple of quick looks.

Photo: Patios occupy space where the Sperry boys and I once played flag football.


From the Sperry Garden: June 10, 2021

You'll always see begonias of one form or another in the Sperry home garden. This year is no exception, and I've brought a few of my favorites to share with you today.

Photo: Just a few of the many choices of fancy-leafed begonias.


Most Invasive Shrub in Texas

We used privet as a screening hedge when I was a kid in College Station. I loved gardening, but trimming it every week wasn't my biggest thrill. Little did I know then that I'd grow to like it even less as an adult. I'll tell you why.

Photo: Chinese privet is in bloom across Texas right now.


Question of the Week: June 10, 2021

"Now that the rains appear to be stopping, how often should I plan on watering my plants?"

That's the trickiest question you could ask. I'll try my best to answer it.

Photo: Old-fashioned hose-end sprinkler still serves a purpose.


And, in closing…

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Between now and next Thursday I'll be busily assembling stories for another e-gardens. I'll promise to make it exciting.

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Have a great week. See you then!

Happy Gardening!


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