VOLUME 17, ISSUE 46 • November 18, 2021

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


It looks like we might be in store for a lovely fall weekend. Hopefully gardening may be on your list over the next several days. This week's e-gardens should prove of interest.

In this issue…
Ornamental vegetables;
Browned leaf tips and edges;
How to cure a leaning tree;
This weekend's prime tasks; and
Steven Chamblee traces his roots.

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Photo: Even vegetables can be lovely. Red Giant mustard and Bright Lights Swiss chard.


Gardening This Weekend

We've had some nice weather, and hopefully we'll have a bit more. Let's look at things you'll want to get done. Check through my list.

Photo: It's prime pansy-planting time across Texas.


Native Son: Olde Oakes

Steven Chamblee has gone nostalgic on us this month. He's found himself in a forest of oak trees.

Photo: Old oak was there long before the beginning of the Fort Worth Botanic Garden almost 100 years ago.


Ornamental Edibles

If you're looking for something to perk up your flower gardens, consider planting some vegetables - maybe mustard and Swiss chard. But you'll want specific selections, and I'll tell you about them.

Photo: I came across this handsome pairing in a local garden center just a few days ago.


Question of the Week: November 18, 2021

"Is this a fungus on my corn plant? If so, what should I use to spray it?"

It's a question to which every gardener should pay attention. Click through for my reply.

Photo: This problem gets worse with passing time. What causes it?


In case you ever ask…

I haven't been asked in a couple of weeks, but it comes up pretty often:
"My tree is crooked. Can I stake it or prop it to get it straight once again? How long would I have to leave it before I could release it?"

I'll have your answer, and it might surprise you.

Photo: It's hard to tell what happened to this tree, but there is only one way out.


And, in closing…

It's pretty crazy right now. I'm signing many hundreds of books each week, with the numbers increasing daily. Thanks for all your confidence and word of mouth. The fifth printing, done just nine months ago, is almost sold out.

3:30 this afternoon (11/18/21), McKinney Post Office. I just dropped off 450 books that I signed last night and today. Boxed, labeled and on their way. I’m signing more tonight. I appreciate your orders and your patience!

I'll be on the air live this weekend, and I'll be hoping you'll call. Stations, times and phone numbers are here on my website. You can also find podcasts of past programs there, as well as my 1001 FAQs. Join me on Facebook as well.

Watch for e-gardens a day or two early next week because of Thanksgiving - hopefully Tuesday evening, but that's subject to how well Gretchen and I can hold out! :-)

Until we meet up sometime and somewhere…

Thanks for reading, and

Happy Gardening!


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