VOLUME 18, ISSUE 30 • July 28, 2022

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


The end of July. That means we only have a few more weeks of summer weather, and for that we can be grateful. We can make it, team!

In this issue…
My best water-saving suggestions;
Pride of Barbados sparkles;
Beautiful Cabaret grass;
This weekend's guidelines; and
Our expanded Q&A.

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Photo: Maidengrass, variety 'Cabaret' is a lovely addition to the back of a perennial garden.


Gardening This Weekend

The last weekend of July means we're about to slide toward the end of the summer. There are things we need to get done this weekend. I've prioritized them for you. Click to take a look.

Photo: It's heart-breaking to see established landscape plants dying because no one is watering them. (Frisco earlier this week.)


Pride of Barbados

If I were from Barbados I'd be proud of this plant, too. No two ways about it - this plant is a rock star in a summer like this. We've been growing it for decades, but only when the growing gets tough do we realize what a performer it is. Let me tell you about it.

Photo: Pride of Barbados is being visited by a honeybee.


'Cabaret' grass is a personal favorite

I'm a fan of ornamental grasses, but more of some types than others, and only when they're used in moderation. Cabaret grass is one of my favorites. I'll give you my reasons.

Photo: Cabaret provides striking white accent to its garden.


Neil's Best Water-Saving Suggestions

Responsible gardeners know that water is our state's most precious natural resource. That's especially true as tens of thousands of new residents arrive every month. I've collected my best water-saving tips and put them into a list. You'll save money if you scan through it.

Photo: Sprinkler head needs to be cleaned.


Ask Neil

We have diversity this week. Ants in your plants. Sticky on your sidewalk. Bashful flowerbuds. Fuzzy pears. Browned-out bermuda. And that’s just for starters. Click your way in!


And, in closing…

That's it for this week's e-gardens. I'll be back with more same time, same e-mailbox next week. And I'll be live on the air this weekend.

Congratulations to an advertiser…
Lynn, grandson Joseph and I had an errand to run in Dallas yesterday so we stopped by the new Wild Birds Unlimited store in East Dallas (5708 Abrams, one block south of Northwest Highway). After almost 20 years in a shop just a fraction of this size, owner Ron is rightfully proud of this glorious new store. All we could say was, "Wow!"

(I "borrowed" this photo from his website. You also need to know that three WBU stores, including Ron's, sponsor e-gardens, but this is not a part of that sponsorship. Just an admiring comment.)


That's all. Stay calm. Stay cool. Stay hydrated. Same for your plants, your pets and your birds.

Happy gardening!


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