VOLUME 18, ISSUE 35 • September 1, 2022

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


How great it's been this week to click into my weather app to see what part of Texas has been getting some rain. It's made gardening a reality again.

In this issue…
Goals for Labor Day weekend;
Asian jasmine still going strong;
Steps to a fine landscape;
Bois d'arc is all about durable, and;
Our expanded Q&A section.

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Photo: Variegated Asian jasmine is rarely seen, but handsome when it is.


Gardening This Weekend

With temperatures down a few degrees and maybe a day or two off from work, perhaps this will be catch-up weekend for you in your landscape and garden. I have the most critical things to put on your list. I'll keep it as short as I can.

Photo: Milkweed is the essential food source for migrating monarch butterflies. Leave it in place for their caterpillars!


Just call it durable

This tree goes by several common names. You can almost tell where the person is from by the name they use for it. 'Round these parts we call it "bois d'arc," and I'm going to tell you some fun facts about it.

Photo: Bois d'arc hedgerow in Sperry landscape.


Asian jasmine and its path across Texas

Veteran Texas gardeners can probably remember the first time they ever saw Asian jasmine. I do, and I was excited. Let me tell you about it.

Photo: It's been Texans' favorite groundcover for 60-plus years.


Quick Steps to Landscaping Success

Fall is a great time for landscaping. Nurseries are well stocked and designers have more time to help you. Let me give you some guidelines to help you succeed.

Photo: A lovely landscape is within your reach. Start this fall.


Ask Neil

Crape myrtles top the list, but maples are coming up in the inside lane. Buttonweed, peppervine and chitalpa make their first appearances. Take a look for yourself.


And, in closing…

That's it for this week. If you've enjoyed e-gardens, please tell others about us. (And thank our advertisers.)

I'll be live on the radio all weekend. Tune in and give me a call. And I'll see you on my website.

Don't forget! This is last call for applying pre-emergent granules to prevent germination of winter/early-spring weeds.

North Texas Giving Day will be Thurs., Sept. 22. Three charities I'm proud to support are looking for help:

The Humane Society of Dallas County takes no funding from government, local or national organizations. Donations are their critical lifeline. Two of my very good friends volunteer there, and I wanted to help.

The Denton State Supported Living Center (formerly the Denton State School). You've heard me broadcasting Christmas is for Caring for 42 years. This may be a state facility, but there are so many needs that the state does not fulfill.

The SPCA of Texas. You've heard me doing their Pets of the Week each week on my radio programs for 40 years. As an adopted "animal" myself, my heart has always gone to these dogs.

That's it for this week. Look for e-gardens same time, same e-mailbox next week.

Until then, thanks for reading, and

Happy Gardening!


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